Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Review: Lifecake Private Photo Sharing App

For every one image of my girl's chubby little chops that I put on Instagram, there are at least a hundred other I don't share with the world, for many reasons. I don't share nudes, so bath pictures are out, as are potty pictures (yes, already! That's another story) and anything with real mess in the background (stylised mess is a different thing and you know it!), pictures with other people's children in...the list goes on. More than anything though, I am well aware that my 4k Instagram followers don't need or want to see every single one of her funny little faces. My mum, on the other hand, is a different story.


Monday, 4 December 2017

Sleep Saviours At Eleven Months Old

I don't really subscribe to the whole 'rod for your back' motherhood rhetoric. If something gets you, and the baby, through today, or more importantly, tonight, and it's not harming them, why wouldn't you use all the tools available? Sleep makes me a better mother, a more energetic one, and there are a few things that help me get it. Things have definitely got easier as she's grown up too, here are our sleep must-haves at eleven months old:

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Review: Fact + Fiction Cali Tote Changing Bag

Fact + Fiction might be a new name but this brand have been producing their anti-rummage arm candy for five years. Originally launched as Gym Tote, a stylish from-gym-to-work bag the founders-Helena Searcaigh and Nicola Kearney found that their bags were becoming increasingly popular with parents, it's easy to see why. I chose to put their quilted Cali Tote to the test, here's how I got on:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Review: Thane H20 X 5 Steam Mop from

I'm not one of those people that takes pleasure from cleaning. Chores for me, are just that, a chore. The quicker and I can get them done, the better, and I've been known to make serious investments to make that happen, because really, what you're paying for, is time. Last year, for Christmas (I kid you not), I asked for a Dyson, this cordless one, and frankly, it changed my life. If you follow me on social media you'll know all about my love for the steam iron too (double the ironing in half the time). So when Tom came home from work telling me that the lunchtime chat was in praise of the steam mop (I think they all need to watch a bit more telly) I was all ears. Since the baby started her weaning adventures, I felt like I was rarely without a mop in hand. If I don't keep the floor clean, a white baby grow has a special knack of naming and shaming. Before we move on, I should just point out all pictures featuring G were taken with the mop unplugged, it's definitely not a toy.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Baby & Me: Eleven months

Somehow the baby has gone from ten months old to "nearly one" in the space of a few days. I can remember looking at those mums, with the babies at playgroups who were crawling around the room and thinking, firstly, don't come near my newborn, you giant baby, and secondly, they're so different from me, they must have it all sorted. I've learnt that you don't get it all sorted, every stage brings a new challenge but I can safely say that I enjoy mothering a nearly-one-year-old much more than that poor refluxy newborn. Here's what's been happening in our world.


Friday, 17 November 2017

Black Friday Picks For All The Family

Black Friday is a whole week away (Friday 24th November) but retailers have already started competing for a share of our christmas savings pot. You have two choices, muttering about how over-commercialised and Americanised Christmas has become (then inevitably leave it too late for online shopping and pay over the odds, with the added pleasure of breakdown inducing queues), or you could take advantage of the retailers competition for your cash and be all wrapped up before the 1st December, leaving you to spend the whole month with your christmas sock adorned feet up and a mulled wine in hand. Ok, that's never going to happen. But at least the presents will be purchased, even if you don't get around to wrapping them until December 24th! Let's shop:


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Post Birth Granuloma. A Pain In The...

I've been promising to write about this for ages but it seems to fall by the wayside, I'm healed, I'm fine, it's not on my mind but I've recently had a message from someone who is dealing with the agonising pain that is the post-birth down-there granuloma and I feel like it's time to talk about it. Because during my 4am google searches that started 'is it normal...?' I found very little comfort from the internet about my pesky granuloma. I should mention before you click 'read more' that this is quite a graphic account, because if you have one you need to know everything there is to know. If you're my brother, on the other hand, maybe give this one a miss.

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