Thursday, 12 May 2016

Week 10 Pregnancy Update

Secrets are tough. If the early stages of pregnancy changes anything about your character, it makes you a pretty good fibber. A few people have definitely guessed; the game was almost up with my cousin/colleague when I accidentally rolled up my sleeves to reveal the sickness bands during a particularly turbulent week 8. She's been playing along since, albeit with the odd raised eyebrow towards my herbal tea & cheesy Wotsits combination.
In fact it has been my gastronomic choices that have been my biggest giveaway, "no goats cheese?" has been remarked by more than a few. My reputation precedes me.
Looking back I should have weaned off of the soft cheese earlier, I didn't realise how heavily goats cheese featured in my life until it was off limits.
Working on a baby magazine has its pros and cons in the keeping a pregnancy secret arena. Having a web page open which details the best foods for pregnancy (clue-it's not cheese flavoured puff snacks) doesn't draw much attention but oh, my, am I finding it a challenge to keep shtum while the office debates about women in early pregnancy "ohh, I know, I know, pick me!" says my firmly bitten tongue. I made a pretty risky move and sent a question to the Experts section editor 'from a friend who really needs to know if it is ok to use a weighted hula hoop during pregnancy'. I lurrve to hula hoop. I think I got away with it. Incase you're wondering-it's totally fine. Infact, there's a whole community of women hooping around their bump. Vertically. Don't believe me? Google it. It's quite amazing.
This week has been a bit of a corner turned, the sickness is lifting and I'm just left with a foul taste in my mouth and aching teeth. I finally gave up waiting (im)patiently for my booking appointment with the midwife to come through and chased it up, only to find out my chilled out approach had not served me well. After a bit of back and forth during which it was revealed that my notes had been lost, my doc re-faxed the letter (Faxed! In 2016) and hey presto, the appointment is in five days time followed by the scan. I'll be explaining my weird behaviour to  a chorus of 'I knew it' in no time!


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