Saturday, 4 June 2016

Week 12 Pregnancy update

I knew what to expect, the sonographer puts some jelly on your belly and you see a picture of your baby on the screen. I've seen loads of people's scan pics, they all look the same, right? Not quite. 
The day of the scan was pretty busy in our house, we were taking up the living room floor and the kitchen was being delivered. Nesting is in full swing over here, so much so that we left it a little fine to get to the hospital in
time and had to dodge the skip being delivered and dash to the car. Any exercise is a bonus at this stage after all. In all the rush I didn't have much time to start worrying, but I did have a flicker that they would find nothing but this mornings Fruit and Fibre in there. I had to remind myself about the nausea, sore (busting out of my bra) boobs and foul taste in my mouth. There is an upside to the pregnancy symptoms-you definitely feel pregnant. Although it has started to ease off now, I still don't feel totally normal. So, we're in the hospital, after a few minutes eyeing up the other couples we're called in. Jelly on my belly, as I had imagined. Then the sonographer pressed the device on my abdomen, as I had imagined, pushed it back and forth and to my amazement, instantly, this tiny moving human appeared on the screen,  our tiny moving human. It was moving! May I stress that it was indeed moving. I guess I knew that it would move, but I wasn't prepared for how...human it's movements would be. It had its hands behind its head and was kicking itself off the side of the sac (?!) as if it was just chilling in a big bath. Then it started drinking. Oh my. Turns out I wasn't at all prepared for the scan. I wasn't emotional, just in absolute awe of the human body, of my human body, because as much as you try to eat healthy, not smoke, be young, there are no guarantees. I felt very grateful. There was lots of moving her device around and measuring bits of baby, while I watched with my mouth wide open. We'd opted in for all screening tests which meant I was occasionally looking away from bebe to looking at the sonographer's face for any flicker of concern. All in normal parameters she says. 
We asked if we could video it. Wrong question. The sonographer took this as a personal insult, apparently my baby is the copyright of the NHS. I can sort of understand it, it's a medical appointment and all, but a cheeky video, come on! We were allowed to buy a photo of our little one for the bargainous sum of £6.50, then it was over, quick wipe with some giant tissue (sorry) and we left, off to tell the world our news. At blooming last! 

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