Saturday, 18 June 2016

Week 14 Pregnancy Update

The cat is out of the bag. The bun is in the oven. This week has been the most eventful of the last 12 because we have finally, finally, been able to offload the secret that we've been carrying around for 12
weeks! 12 weeks of hiding how I really feel, 12 weeks of funny stories remaining untold because they would give my game away. Six people knew up until this point. Twelve weeks of tiredness, nausea and heartburn went unreported to the people around me. Ok, not quite 12 weeks, in actual fact, the worst of the nausea lasted about five weeks for me, I was never actually sick. I'm told I was lucky. But I have a theory, another reason that pregnant women are encouraged to keep mum for the first twelve weeks: I would have been unbearable. It was a gift for my desk mates that I was keeping it a secret through the days when I felt like I was on a dingy in rough seas, for the days when I felt so tired I just wanted to put my head on the desk and shut my eyes-for the rest of the afternoon. I'm not a person who suffers in silence. They don't know how lucky they were. 
So, scan done it was time for the big reveal. Family first, in person, well the ones that I could reach. I wanted to see their faces. They pulled good faces. Even though I'm 30, married, roof-over-head (although there are some holes in that roof and the ground floor does look like something from time-team right now), some were still in shock. Happy shock, but shock all the same. Then we text everyone that we couldn't reach in person. I did go on Pinterest, with too much time on my hands during the rough days, to look for announcement inspiration but it all just felt a bit too cheesy! In the end we went for the ol' selfie in the car as we left the hospital that morning. Such a huge deal for us, but I didn't realise how happy it would make other people. That few seconds between sending the message and waiting for a response was like watching a little happy bomb be detonated. Then a thousand emojis exploded onto our phone screens. We've mainly been grinning since then. 


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