Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Week 16 Pregnancy Update

I have a bump! It just popped out, all of a sudden at the end of week 16. I have welcomed bump because I'm now looking pregnant rather than just a little bit chubby round the middle, but it has
come with its downsides...we're off on holiday (I'm writing this on the plane) and NOTHING fits! I cheerily got all of my summer clothes out of the loft thinking that I would make do with what I have, only to find, after half an hour of trying on and a further ten minutes of huffing I was going to have to go shopping. Except shopping for maternity clothes is not as simple to a trip down the high street, as I was about to find out. With two days pre-holiday and a blissful assumption that my old clothes would just neatly skim the bump, I had very little time to buy. This, coupled with the fact that I didn't much fancy handing over my whole paycheque for clothes that I would use for a few months at most, I wasn't left with a huge amount of options. I went off with a shopping list. Denim shorts were a must, I had heard that people just buy normal clothes and go up a size so I tried a 12, then a 14. Then sulked. They might do up, but they weren't doing me any favours. In the end, with some last minute online ordering and a second dash out to the shops I'm all packed and ready to sun myself! I've written a post here if you would like to read about my high street maternity 'adventures'. 
Also this week I had my 16 week midwife appointment. As a group. When I googled the group session (because nobody around me seemed to know that this happened) I found one of the whinge forums awash with accusations of NHS cost cutting. In reality, it was a pretty good idea. Yes, it might have been breath-saving for the midwives, I doubt it saved them a great deal of time, and it made sure we all got the same information. I met some other mums to be, we talked about feeling queasy, getting kicked (not me, yet) and finding out the gender. It was nice to talk to a roomful of baby carriers with no danger of being a preggo-bore. I guess the downside is if you've done it all before and you just want to do a quick wee in a pot and have your blood pressure checked and get out of there. As a no-clue about anything, first timer, it worked for me. 

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