Thursday, 28 April 2016

Week 8 Pregnancy Update

The bed and I are covered in the crumbs of two gingernut biscuits. I have made a discovery about ginger in the few weeks that I have been growing a baby. I don't like it. I don't like it in sugary crystal form, I don't like it in biscuits and I definitely don't like it in tea. But I have to keep checking, because it is the miracle cure. Everyone knows that. It's the passport off of this swaying boat that I have been sailing on for the past few weeks.
Almost exactly on cue, the nausea started at 6 weeks. I thought for a day that I had sidestepped it. I had started to feel a little big smug. Then I woke up feeling like I was on the P&O Dover to Calais and I've barely touched dry land since. I did a supermarket sweep that evening, I purchased all of the ginger, lots of the dry crackers (because they're supposed to help too-pfftt) bananas and an army of avocados. I love avocados. I mean I'm an Instagram obsessed woman in 2016. Where would I be without a strong avocado game. And then I woke up the next day, with a hangover. No, not a real hangover, just ALL of the symptoms without any of the joys of last night's mojitos. That's total brovado, I've been near on tee-total for a year and a half. But I remember the feels. And I have all of them. That zombie like state where your skin feels funny and you'd be ok if you'd had a few more hours sleep and you could just consume a bit more salt. I allowed it on day one. 'Have what you fancy' said the husband, 'it's just one day, you've been eating very well'. And I had. I had been nourishing this poppy seed sized baby with all of my might, there was barely a fruit or vegetable that I hadn't sent its way. No calorie went on its journey without a pocket full of vitamins, but hungover, on that boat, all I wanted was spaghetti hoops on white toast, Wotsits, Diet Coke, Chocolate, French fries. Extra salt. More salt. Not a nutrient in sight. Each avocado since then has been forced down. Bananas tolerated, while I think about salty takeaway fries and quavers. I've resisted junk food reasonably well since spaghetti hoop day. I feel I owe it to this tiny human that's working so hard to grow that it has the good stuff to work with. And I'm sure that my avocado addiction will return. Just as soon as we dock.

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