Monday, 18 July 2016

Why i'm ignoring the latest pregnancy supplement advice

It came as a genuine surprise to me that I didn't instantly turn into Deliciously Ella the moment that I conceived. Truth is, although I knew that I should be chomping through my five-a-day, the early stages of pregnancy did not seem to agree with the idealistic meal plan that I had envisioned. Pregnancy, it turned out liked chips,
it liked lots of chips, white bread, chips in white bread. With butter. Lashings of butter. At the start, avocados made me sick, spinach repulsed me, I could stomach broccoli, but I didn't like it. Instead, my body craved junk, if it came in variations of beige, I ate it. Talking to other pregnant women, I found I wasn't alone in suddenly preferring a 'Mc' in front of my sandwich. So, when I read the news report quoting new research from the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin that 'most women do not need vitamin supplements during pregnancy', that they were, in fact, a waste of money, I was surprised. I know for certain that I wasn't getting all the nutrients that my body needed during the early days, weeks, months even, and although things have improved-I weaned myself back onto avocado gently through the medium of guacamole and nachos-I still don't think my diet is quite ticking all of the boxes every single day. Of course, getting vitamins from their natural source is the best thing for anyone, not least mamas-to-be, and I'm not just eating multipacks of Wotsits and cans of Lilt and expecting Mr Pregnacare to have me covered (although there was that one day) but I take comfort in the fact that, for literally a few pence a day, a multivitamin is picking up the slack if I don't quite manage to ingest the full rainbow of fruit and veg, (plus three portions of calcium and two oily fish). The study maintained that we should be taking Vitamin D and Folic Acid daily anyway, so the monetary difference between those and trading up to the full multivitamin is so small that even if my body isn't using it, and I'm literally flushing my £2.99 a month down the toilet, I'm ok with that. I'm not in the habit of frivolous spending, I prefer my money in my purse than in drugs companies pockets, and goodness knows we'll need every extra penny to provide the ever growing list of equipment this tiny human appears to require, but i've wasted £3 this month on much less important things than growing a baby, and frankly, I'd rather not take the risk.

What's your pregnancy vitamin policy? I'd love to hear in the comments below... 


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