Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Week 20 Pregnancy Update

I'm half way! The 20 week mark fills me with excitement and anxiety, but mostly anxiety! We couldn't be much less prepared for this new chapter if we tried. We've been living in a building site for the past two years while we redecorate (to put it so mildly that it makes me chuckle). But as it's always just been the two of us, nothing
seemed to matter. We could climb a ladder up to bed if we needed to (and we did, for about six months after we sold the staircase) We've been entirely without a kitchen since November but we've managed with a microwave and the bathroom sink. It's not ideal but it's the long game. Unfortunately we no longer have...long. The past 20 weeks have disappeared in a haze of nausea and excitement. The DIY has stepped up a notch, the troops (my family) have rallied at the weekends, Tom has upgraded from being covered in paint and plaster twice a week to every evening. It will get finished, or at least vaguely baby friendly by December, but I'm not going to be decorating the nursery very soon...lets just hope the baby is a good painter! 

We had our 20 week scan, which was going swimmingly until the baby refused to move out of its cosy corner and the sonographer  couldn't complete her measurement chart. a smoothie, a flapjack, two laps of the car park,  great deal of pleading and prodding and a headstand (I kid you not) did nothing to encourage a shimmy round so we're booked in again for 20 week scan-round two for another shot, at least we get another photo of the little-un I guess! 

I haven't felt a huge amount of movement this week, the odd flurry of light kicks from time to time if I sit still for long enough, although lots of them could be mistaken for wind. The peak time for kicks seems to be the evening, as I finally fall into bed, baby decides it's party time! It's definitely not enough to keep me awake, quite the opposite, I sleep better knowing that it's moving  around in there. 

No pregnancy cravings...yet. Pregnancy seems to have such a reputation for cravings that it's coming in at about question four in the list; after: 'Are you throwing up?' 'Are you finding out the sex?' And my favourite: 'How is your house going to be ready?'. Yet I am yet to meet anyone who had a crazy craving. I mean, there have been things I've fancied; sushi (not the raw stuff) halloumi and watermelon salad, Haribo strawberry pencils but I can usually service these requirements pretty easily and I'm not sure they'd have me banging on the supermarket door before they open, I just quite fancy them. I have no desire to eat coal, plasterboard, kitchen sponges or ice cubes. 

Meanwhile in the fashion department, my wardrobe is shrinking as my belly grows. Getting ready in the morning is taking longer due to my genuine surprise at the refusal of some clothes to do up around the football. I've had to buy a new pair of yoga pants but in general I'm still getting by mostly on the pre-preg clothes when it comes to tshirts and dresses, although both are getting shorter. The denim pinafore that I bought for £1 at a car boot sale a few years ago has really found its time to shine. I'm just struggling not to wear it every single day! I don't think it will be long before I have to make a few more wardrobe investments. 

How have you found the 20 weeks pregnant stage? Any unusual cravings to report? 


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