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Review: Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

I'm a new woman. I'm happy, I'm rested, I'm-dare I say-blooming in my second trimester and this is in no small part thanks to a new bedfellow. Before you let your imagination run away with you, I'm taking about a pregnancy pillow. For me, the 20th week of pregnancy marked the time that sleep became a problem. I had been religiously
lying on my left hand side (the side that ensures the best flow of blood to the baby) from as early as  8 weeks. Eventually, eight hours a night lying on one side, scared to roll for fear of cutting off the poor mite's blood supply was going to have an effect on the hips. I wasn't alone, a straw poll at my yoga class revealed that many other 20 weekers were complaining of hip pain keeping them awake at night. I had tried using a spare pillow between the knees, to very little avail. It was time to bring out the big guns.

By 22 weeks pregnant, and a zombie after two solid weeks of insomnia, I had pinned all of my slumber shaped hopes on the Bbhugme me, and it didn't disappoint. The first night that I used it, I slept for eight hours straight. Even my bladder didn't wake me up. I usually lie with it fully extended on the left of me, my burgeoning bump nestled into its soft body and the length between the knees to support my right hip. Sometimes I loop it all the way through and give my back a bit of supportive love too. The surplus material on the sleeve is intentional and allows for tying together to solidify the support and make sure it doesn't slip away in the night. But frankly, I've woken up hugging the pillow so close most mornings that there is no danger of that.

This long, sausage shaped product really does provide support everywhere that's needed for a better
night's sleep during pregnancy. Filled with tiny beads and slipped into the softest bamboo sleeve, its firmness is adjustable thanks to a small silicone 'pebble' at each end. Developed in Norway by three female chiropractors, it's well known and respected in its homeland. The sleeves are interchangeable, and washable, so there's no need for more than one but if you fancy a change of scenery, it comes in eucalyptus, lavender and dusty pink (I have the sand colour). The pebbles can be changed too. I have no intentions of going a night without it for the next 20 weeks, so it's handy that it comes in its own carry case for nights away from home. And the downsides? My husband has become a bit surplus to requirements at bedtime and is currently building a quiet resentment towards my 'sausage'.

Once my pregnancy journey is over, my body has been returned to me and the little one is here, the pillow becomes a nursing support pillow and a sleep and resting aid for baby. A search of #bbhugme on Instagram reveals that tiny humans find it pretty comfortable too (beware, your heart may burst). You had better be cute, baby, because this is one thing I'm not sure I'm going to be ready to hand over!

How are you finding sleep during pregnancy? I'd love to know!


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