Friday, 5 August 2016

Week 22 Pregnancy Update

"That all looks good" she said after watching the red and blue of the heart pumping away on the screen for a while. We both let out all of the breath we had been holding for a week and a half. We hadn't really talked much about having to go back for a second scan to check the baby's heart (read about the 20 week scan flop here). The sonographer had told us not to worry, so we didn't, not to each
other, not out loud, anyway. Because worrying out loud makes things real. Much better to bottle up those worries, along with all of the oxygen, only to let it all out when you find out that they were actually telling the truth. "The baby's not in a good position to see the heart" was in fact not code for anything at all.

The 20 week scan had presented another worry. A low lying placenta, covering the cervix. I was booked in for another scan at 36 weeks to see if it has moved. If it was still in this position, I'd be booked in for a C-section. Of course, the safest way out is the best for the little mite but if I can avoid having my stomach muscles cut through, I'll take it. Happily, the 21 week scan revealed another little surprise; the placenta had used the extra week to shift itself up and out of the way. Another sigh of relief. If the baby hadn't been in a difficult position, I'd have to wait until 36 weeks to find out that the placenta was no longer a problem! Thanks baby.

The baby had moved up a lot from the last scan, the sonographer found the baby above my belly button, a big change from the previous position against my hip! I hadn't taken any chances, I was told to have a cold, sugary drink before the scan to make sure that the baby was moving and, organised as ever, had forgotten to buy anything sugary, so found a bottle of Elderflower Cordial indoors and mixed it, ten parts cordial to five parts water. I pretty much just drank a bottle of liquid sugar on the way to the hospital. Baby enjoyed that cordial, it was having a silent disco by the time we got into the scan. We left the hospital buzzing (partyly on a sugar high) and have been smiling ever since. There's nothing like a scare to make you appreciate the simple things.

At home, the nesting (housebuilding) has gone in to overdrive, Tom's been going to work covered in paint most days. My dad spent a whole week painting the outside of the kitchen units. There is talk of a kitchen floor going down. My mum came at the weekend and emptied the will-be nursery of all of the junk that it was housing. It's all going on. I am now three drawers down in my wardrobe, half due to the fact that very few items still fit and half due to all of the baby bits that I've collected needed homing. Nothing practical though, aside from a baby monitor, all pretty.

I've started feeling (and seeing) really strong movements this week, some that stop me mid sentence. I love it, it's a real comfort when it moves, but watching punches come from the inside of my belly does have a bit of the film 'Alien' about it. I spent 20 minutes this morning filming a wonky bump jump around, only to show my husband who couldn't really tell what was going on!

Were you prepared by 22 weeks and when did you start seeing kicks?


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