Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Week 24 Pregnancy Update

I’ve been genuinely surprised by my own reflection more than once this week. I know that I’m pregnant, I do, I know that my clothes don’t fit so well, I have an overwhelming sense that I am
totally unprepared for what is to come but most of the time I’m still just me. I can still see my feet from up here, I can still move around just as well as before (although the-picking something off the floor-bend is getting trickier), I can still do everything that I did before (apart from eat all of these good cheeses, but we’ve been though this). In many ways, nothing has changed. I still feel the same as I did when I was 20, albeit without the hair extensions (my, I’m glad we came through that phase and out the other side). It’s in these moments that I’ve caught a glimpse of my profile reflection in a shop window or a mirror and it’s actually made me laugh aloud in disbelief. I have a  bump. A big, football sized bump. I’m having a baby and I’m walking around inadvertently announcing it to the world but I’m not sure that it will feel real to us until the moment junior is here. We are doing all of the responsible stuff, stock-piling pampers, researching the endless supply of kit that the tiny human will require but at the moment it feels so inconceivable. We’re going through the motions, we’re off to buy the nursery furniture tomorrow but it’s almost as if we’re building a dolls house, so hard it is to imagine what life will be like by the time December brings a baby into our lives. Our baby, one we don’t have to hand back after a ten minute hold! 

Health and body wise I’m feeling pretty normal, although I did hop on the scales at my parents’ house (we don’t own a pair) and immediately felt the need to google ‘normal weight gain in pregnancy’. Apparently i’m on track but I think I’ll try a bit harder to curb the less-than-holy foods from now on. I have a bridesmaids dress to slink into by October 2017 and I’m oh so aware that the less I gain, the less I have to lose! My hips have been niggling a little but weekly yoga classes and my total hip relieving pregnancy pillow (read about that here) seem to be keeping it under control. Every weekend has been pretty intense, trying to get our house in some sort of order so sitting at a desk all day in the week has been quite the blessing, even if my sedentary week surrounded by kids snacks (I work on Gurgle magazine) is not helping the weight gain issue. 

My hormones have gone into overdrive in the past couple of weeks, I now burst into tears at the slightest thing. The tough exterior is peeling away. The lady in the balloon shop wouldn’t serve me because her watch said 5.30 and presumably she had something better to do with her evening than inflate me a balloon for my friend’s birthday. I cried. Big, blobby tears. Then my mum suggested bringing some temporary carpet over to get the nursery sorted. Big, blobby tears. I’m laughing through the tears at how out of character and silly it is but I still can’t stem them. The husband reports that it says this will happen in his ‘Pregnancy for Dads to be’ book. I am offered sympathy for any pregnancy symptom, as long as it correlates with those in the book. I’m not joking. 

I’ve been feeling lots of baby movements in the last few weeks, I’m still not noticing anything resembling a pattern but I’ve been inundating my mum with videos of my belly-mostly just breathing with the odd kick thrown in. I’m sure she’s finding them enthralling. I have my 25 week appointment with the midwife next week, for a measure of my belly and a needle in the arm presumably. Fingers crossed for my iron levels!

How are you coping at 24 weeks? I’d love to hear in the comments below



  1. Wow, this is great! Really made me laugh about the dad book and coordinating symptoms! You is tres on this ��

  2. haha, thanks Avril, who knows what his little book says about the birth!!


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