Saturday, 30 July 2016

Why can't I sleep?

I like a sunrise as much as the next man. Don't get me wrong, but I don't need to see it every single day. This week I've practiced yoga at 3am, cleaned the bathroom at 4am and rearranged my wardrobe at 5am. What I have done very little of is getting the shut-eye. Pregnancy induced insomnia is leaving me exhausted. I have never had
a problem sleeping before now, I take after my Father; I can sleep on a plane, in a car, with a pneumatic drill carving out the ground floor while I take a nap upstairs. I grew up with a DIY Dad, if I wanted to sleep past 8am I needed to learn to sleep through the sound of a wall being knocked down. And I did. I have never needed the help of a blackout blind to nod off, I just shut my eyes, my eyes are my curtain. Not anymore.

The latest pregnancy symptom to wing itself my way is my body's desire to spring into action at 3am. Maybe 4am, if I'm lucky. I do not like this. I like a clean bathroom, but I'm sure it's not worth the ferocity of the afternoon slump. Add this to a 200mg caffeine limit and it's a recipe for holding my eyes open with matchsticks during afternoon meetings. I have two guesses for why this is happening; firstly the bladder. The bladder used to be strong, the bladder didn't ask me to rise from my cosy warm bed and step onto the cold bathroom floor during the wee hours but my bladder has a new set of requests, it likes to test out the facilities as soon as we arrive at a new place, and just as we leave. It likes public loos. It likes 'just incase we don't find another one' trips. And it likes sunrises. 

Secondly, my hips and lower back have joined the customer service complaints queue, they're not happy about lying on their left side, I have tried to explain that this is the safest side for the baby, but they're having none of it. They have been raising the the issue of their working conditions at an unsightly hour with niggling pains. The funny thing is, as soon as I'm up, the pain disappears, so here I am, writing blog posts and practicing yoga at 4am. You should really get up and see this, the sunrise is beautiful! 

Has pregnancy gifted you with insomnia? Have you found a cure? I need to hear it! 


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