Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Babybeau Grab & Go Clutch, Mini Changing Bag

This compact changing bag came as a bit of a revelation. It took this little beauty landing in my lap to realise that a baby doesn't always have to equal serious amounts of baggage. Sure, if you're planning
to be out for hours you'll need a little more in your armour than a couple of nappies and a changing mat but for those quicker trips, like popping out for a few hours with the mini to meet friends, this stylish little shoulder bag fits everything a little bottom (and the bottom's mum) needs.

The bag looks like a normal bag when closed with the magnetic poppers under the front flap. The exterior is leather with a snakeskin effect front panel and gold hardware. Open the bag and it completely unravels, much like a cosmetic bag to reveal three separate water resistant compartments which easily accommodate a couple of nappies, baby wipes a spare babygro, a small purse and my phone (I tested it). The interior is designed in a chic monochrome stripe, including a fold out changing mat.

The shoulder strap is long enough to wear across the body and sits on the hip at its longest, but also adjusts to a short strap for the over shoulder look. It also comes off completely to be used as a clutch but from my limited experience of babies, two hands are better than one so I think I'll be leaving the strap firmly attached. The magnetic closure means that the bag can be unravelled with one hand, useful if you're holding a baby still on one of those precarious looking plastic fold down changing tables with the other.

I can see this bag getting a lot of mileage, and in leather, it will only improve with age. I can't wait to start using it, it's taking all of my willpower to wait until baby arrives to whip out this little wonder.

Babybeau Grab & Go Clutch, mini changing bag, £69.99,

What do you think? Could you be tempted to leave the super-sized baggage at home?

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