Thursday, 22 September 2016

Le Friend Loves

I've started a new series to celebrate the things i'm loving and lusting after; this week I'm talking Molly and Moo, preggo friendly sushi and the real need for bump support.

Five things i'm loving...
1. Molly and Moo. These organic cotton muslins are the ultimate in soft luxury. Rarely is a
newborn's mama seen without one of these draped over her shoulder so I'm really grateful for the simple grey prints.

2. Kicks. There's nothing like it. No really, there is actually nothing like it. Except wind. Sometimes it's a little bit like wind. 

3. Itsu, the London sushi chain has a half price sale every day 8.30pm (6.30 on a Saturday). I thought they put this in the handbook that they give out to all Londoners but I recently found someone who didn't know. Ok, preggo 'perks' mean I can only have the veggie option, but it still hits a spot! 

4. Fat face dungarees. I might not have much longer in them, but the stretch in these black beauties has seen me to week 29 in total comfort. I would have longer, there's plenty more stretch but I've run out of shoulder strap! These ones are no longer in stock but they do have a lovely selection for A/W16.

5. Belly bandit thighs disguise. It should be known that pre-pregnancy, I was not an avid consumer of 'shape wear', enter the bump and I can't get enough of these cycling short shaped wonders. I'm all for bump touching, but in the earlier stages when there was still a doughy layer on top (I blame the first trimester and its carb craving), the belly bandit made ol' bumpy smooth and firm. Now the bump's rock hard I'm just appreciating having a little extra support.

...And three things i'm not:

1. Shoelaces. The real ones, not the strawberry ones (still love those). I'm just finding it a little bit tricky. Not impossible, just uncomfortable. I'm on the hunt for some Autumn flats

2. Rude people. I need a badge that says 'mind the hormones'. Pregnancy has turned me into the most sensitive of souls. One unkind word and I'm a-weeping! Be nice or provide tissues with your unkinderies, please. 

3. Varicous veins. Yup. Little purple rivers snaking down my legs. Thank goodness it's now black tights season, huh?

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