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Stretch Mark Creams: Six Of The Best

Stretch marks; some of us will get them, some won't, it all depends on the elasticity of our skin, can we make it more elastic? The jury's out, it seems there's no sure fire way to steer clear of those silvery
snakes but it can't hurt to nourish the bump with creams and butters designed to improve skin's elasticity and it's lovely to check in with baby morning and night and give the bump a little love. I've put six of the best stretch mark creams to the test and at 28 weeks I haven't spotted any stripes yet.

Little Butterfly London stretch mark butter, 150ml, £27.50, Little Butterfly Organic
What they say An indulgent blend of creamy whipped butters including cupuacu, kokum, mango, illipe, cacao and shea to deeply nourish, deliver long lasting moisture and optimise skin elasticity.
What I say The consistency is smooth and buttery, spreads on and is absorbed really easily leaving no trace on the skin which meant I didn't have to leave any time before getting dressed. It has a really light, slightly nutty scent which didn't linger on the skin, and definitely didn't fight with my perfume. I've found it great for areas of dry skin too, in fact, it's so riously lovely on the skin that I've been using it all over as a moisturiser. At this rate, it won't last very long!
Tiny Rituals stretch mark tummy cream, 200ml, £19.50, Rituals
What they say Rice milk and sweet almond oil, soothes skin and helps to prevent or minimise the appearance of stretch marks. 
What I say If stretch marks were banished by packaging alone, this one would be a clear winner, I love the chic design and the wooden lid, it really feels like a luxury product, this is one that I don't mind displaying on the bathroom shelf. In terms of texture, it's the lightest liquid of the group but does take a while to rub in, it almost feels like rubbing in a sun cream, you do have to wait for five minutes at least before applying clothes or you end up with fabric stuck to the bump. It's made from only mild ingredients and has a really light, fresh fragrance. 
Palmer's cocoa butter formula massage lotion for stretchmarks, 125g, £6.99, Superdrug
What they say Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. With vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin and Shea butter.
What I say I have acquired quite a collection of these mini bottles through Emma's Diary packs and pregnancy free samples. This one has a buttery, reasonably thick texture, it spreads on the skin easily but does take five minutes or so to be absorbed, and I do feel like I need to wash your hands afterwards, it's not one for the morning rush. I love the strong chocolate scent but I have taken to using it in the evening because it's a little overpowering for the day and conflicts with my perfume. My husband says it's like lying in bed with a bar of dairy milk. I can think of worse things to be in between the sheets with.
Bloom and blossom anti stretch mark cream, 150ml, £24, Bloom and Blossom
What they say: A rich and luxurious cream which helps this skin maintain its elasticity and reduces the appearance of stretchmarks. 
What I say This is the thickest cream of the group but far from being hard to rub in it almost melts into the skin and spreads really easily although my skin didn't fully absorb it quickly and I was left with tacky feeling skin for at least five minutes. It does feel very luxurious and I've used it anywhere that I have dry skin. It smells quite strongly of almond which is great if you're partial to a Bakewell tart! Thumbs up for the chic, simple, monochrome packaging.

Pregnacare stretch cream, 100ml, £5.39, Boots
What they say Body cream with botanical extracts to gently protect stretching skin during and after pregnancy.
What I say The Pregnacare cream has a strong lavender and citrus scent. Great if you're not so keen on the nutty and almond fragrances that seem popular in the stretch mark cream market. It rubbed into the skin easily and was absorbed quickly but it did seem to make my hands a little sticky. It's not winning any packaging awards, I know, I know, it's designed to keep stretch marks at bay, not add sparkle to the bathroom shelf but I'm all for the ones that do both!
Colief mum-to-be moisturising cream, 200ml, £8.49, Weldricks Pharmacy 
What they say Helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks, relieves dryness, rehydrates and nourishes skin.
What I say A light, everyday citrus fragrance that doesn't overpower. It rubs into the skin easily and is absorbed very quickly meaning I could throw clothes on straight away without the worry of  clothes sticking to the bump. Packaging wise, it does look more at home in the medical cabinet than on the bathroom shelf.
Have you tried any stretch mark creams? Which is your favourite?


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