Saturday, 3 September 2016

Week 26 Pregnancy Update

I am 26 weeks pregnant. Doesn't sound that pregnant does it? But hang on, let's subtract that from 40. Ok, that's fourteen weeks to go then. Fourteen! It sounds like no time at all when you put it like that, doesn't it? In actual fact, there are three whole months before baby is due to arrive. Phew, that makes me feel better. This is the
contents of my hairy mind this month, swaying between feeling that there's plenty of time to an overwhelming anxiety that there's no time at all. We're not ready. I know that nobody is ready for a baby but we're really not ready, on the most practical of levels. Our house renovation is taking shape now, but the kitchen is lacking an oven, sink, worktops and windows. The stairs are lacking handrails. Not a good thing while I am increasingly lacking balance. The bath is currently residing in the hallway. This isn't a moan, everyone's working really hard to get every weekend to get it in shape for December, I'm just saying stay put, baby. We've got a bit of work to do yet. We have managed to create a space for junior though. In fact, it's the most finished room in the house. We've bought furniture, put up shelves. Put clothes on tiny The White Company hangers. Oh those tiny hangers!

I had my 25 week midwife appointment. Tom consulted his Pregnancy for Dads to be book which told him that he was not needed for this one. It turned out to be correct, there was only one chair. The bump was measured, we had a listen to the heartbeat, the baby kicked the midwife's hand the whole time she was scanning, the kicks were so strong that she was sure that I was 28 weeks. She went back to check my records, I don't think she believed me. Don't do that to me, lady! Still, a strong kicker must be a good thing, right?! 

Health wise I'm feeling good, I presume they will be handing out the medals at the end for surviving the hottest summer in history while carrying another human around in my belly the whole time. I took a thermometer in to work, not because we have any working rights on upper temperature limit (I asked the doc) but I felt better being able to give a running commentary on how scorching it is at my desk (30 degrees, all day, incase you're interested). Purple dots appeared along the sides of my legs, I've assumed burst blood vessels as a result of the heat. They've started to fade again now but they weren't so pretty! My hips were starting to niggle a bit more but going back to yoga after a two week break seemed to really help. Oh and I fell over! A big heavy fall. It was raining, and looking at my phone while walking down a hill, I stepped on a wet double metal drain cover, which took my feet from under me but somehow I managed to land on all fours. One bruised, dirty knee, a ruined pair of brand new Keds and damaged pride. Baby went quiet for a while, probably as shocked as I was, so I was very relieved when he resumed his somersaults later on that evening. Tom has now started shouting things like 'no phones on the stairs' at me because clearly I cannot be trusted!  

We started our hypnobirthing classes on Friday night and it was everything I expected and wanted it to be. Although it turned out that Tom had expected it to be 30 minutes rather than three hours. The first session focused on birth preconceptions, the power of the mind, having the birth that you want and protecting yourself against negative birth stories. We have some homework to do and affirmations to listen to each night this week. Three more sessions to go!

Nothing else to report. Anyone got a good technique for slowing down time? I'd love to hear it!

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