Thursday, 15 September 2016

Week 28 Pregnancy Update

I'm 28 weeks pregnant, the baby is around 38cm (what?!) and Tom can hear its galloping heartbeat if he puts his ear on my belly. I regularly have a little foot kicking above my belly button, you can feel the little foot-shaped hard lump through the skin. The kicks are really
strong now and I am starting to notice a pattern, few in the morning then quiet until apres-lunch party time. I had another midwife appointment this week, every three weeks now. I'm usually quite good with faces, i'm not sure if it's because I was convinced I'd never see the same one twice but I addressed the midwife in the third person the whole way through, like "the lady last week didn't write down my tummy measurement" and "she phoned the hospital to book my antenatal classes". It wasn't until I left and thought she did look familiar that I checked her name stamp and realised it was the same midwife. Cringe.  But also, why did she not correct me? *insert embarrassed emoji here*. She measured my watermelon smuggling belly and we listened to the racing heartbeat. I told her about my few symptoms; the odd dizzy spell and slightly sore hips. She concluded that this was because I am pregnant. As I had suspected. 

The house renovation has come to a slight halt because of a Thames Water problem that's been rumbling on for months, it means that our kitchen can't go in and has had Tom shouting "my wife is pregnant" into his phone at regular intervals to anyone that will listen. The bath, on the other hand, is showing promise that it might move from it's position at the top of the stairs (safety first!), into the bathroom. I have heard lots about the joys of the early stages of labour dip so i'm rooting for the bath migration. I'm not getting too excited, there's no promise of it being plumbed in any time soon but at least it will be in the right room. It's a start. Baby's room hasn't seen much progress, although I've been wearing out the drawer runners getting cute things out and putting them back. It's a compulsion that I have no control over!

In terms of keeping myself alive, I've been eating reasonably well but have an uncontrollable appetite. We had our second hypnobirthing class, and have been trying to listen to the homework (oh, it's serious) at night but it's so relaxing that i've been asleep in record time. Every cloud, eh.  I've also been keeping up the yoga every week. It seems to have taken on a new level of relaxation after adding in the hypnobirthing techniques, I almost fell asleep this week, it was only the beads of sweat running down my nose that kept me awake. The heat has been a struggle but it has made getting dressed a doodle, i'll miss the loose summer dresses when I'm shoehorning the bump into a pair of black tights. 

Next week marks the start of the third trimester. The countdown is really on. The baby buying must commence. Help! What do I really need?

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