Sunday, 30 October 2016

Five amazing pregnancy symptoms

There is a lot said about the negative side effects of pregnancy, and, yes growing a human in your belly can have a few not-so-glamorous symptoms, and burns a hole in the pocket to boot. But let's celebrate the good ones for a moment, shall we?

1. Thicker, shinier hair. I knew that hair didn't fall out during pregnancy but as a fine haired human I didn't think it would make much difference to mine. So wrong. I've had to quit conditioner entirely because my hair is so blooming shiny. It also now lasts two days rather than one so hair washing admin has been halved and curls made with hair-straighteners miraculously stay put all day.

2. Body temperature. Ok, during the summer I was not so grateful for the internal central heating system being turned up to the max, but, as the weather turns, being a generally cold person, I'm loving the new found hot bod. I would usually be layered up to my eyeballs the moment that the leaves turned orange but the baby keeps me so toasty that I've been going out without a coat. Which is handy because I only own one that still fits!

3. The urge to nest. Cleaning bathrooms at 5am, hoovering at midnight, you name it, I'm at it. As a person who was generally better at making a mess than tidying it up, I like the new me. Tom has the same urge (or rather, panic induced frenzy) to DIY at all hours, so I'm only hoovering up the dust that he's creating but at least we're in equilibrium.

4. Bust enhancements. I have never been busty so I've been surprised at how much my boobs have grown. At first I wasn't thrilled, I was quite happy as I was, thank you. But over time I've learnt to appreciate my new shape, it's balanced me out as the belly has grown.

5. Kicks. Those jabs in the belly that remind me that a real-life baby is in there (and send me into a panic when I haven't felt them for a while). They're comforting and strangely feels like I'm part of a team all the time. Plus, I get to keep a baby at the end. A real-life human that looks like us. Or a bit like us at least.

What are your favourite symptoms? I'd love to know in the comments below.

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