Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Week 30 Pregnancy Update

I am turning into a teddy bear. I have a seam! The brown line (linea nigra) covers the whole length of the bump, above and below the belly button. I am 30 weeks pregnant, the baby is apparently 39cm and can open its eyes.
Blows. My. Mind. The kicks are even bigger now, and so regular that I don't feel the need to announce them to anyone and everyone. I do keep roping people into the constant fun of the guess the body part game though, I woke up one morning with a definite sharp little elbow prodding it's way out just above my belly button. It could also have been a knee. See what I mean? Hours of fun.

Getting dressed in the morning is becoming like an X-Factor elimination as the bump continues to grow, I'm having to wash the same little procession of clothes more regularly as one-by-one things drop out of the running. I'm trying to put the no-go-clothes straight into a bag for the loft to save me forgetting and trying the same thing on again and again in the hope that something might have changed! I have quite a few maternity pieces now and they do make a massive difference. 

Health wise, I'm feeling good. Slightly sore hips in the night but I'm still swearing by my pregnancy pillow which seems to be keeping me out of too much trouble! Yoga too, seems to help and I'm using a few moves before bed to keep the hips happier! The need to eat at regular intervals is becoming stronger, a missed meal really seems to press on the ol' hormones and is liable to cause a mini-meltdown. I ran through the door at the weekend tears streaming down my face after a particularly long day 'nesting' (I kid you not) and stood at the fridge eating cheese crying while laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Tom just stood there saying "so nothing bad happened, you were just hungry?" "Just hungry?". I am carrying snacks at all times now. Just incases. I'm using up my holiday before I go off, so i've accidentally ended up on three day weeks. 

Hypnobirthing classes have come to an end and we have our Friday nights back, although I'd give them up again for that calming influence at the end of the week. I'm confident that the skills that we learnt will work and I have been listening to the MP3s almost every night. I'm adding raspberry leaf tea (to get labour started) and clary sage (to re-start labour) to my shopping list! 

I read somewhere that you should have your hospital bag packed by 32 weeks and had a bit of a panic. I don't have a kitchen yet, I can't have a hospital bag packed already! I have no idea what I'll need but dragged my mum along to the Mothercare expectant parent event this week (she doesn't need much persuasion for baby related activities) and came away with a checklist so I'll go through that and probably add even more things to the shopping list. I bought a steriliser at the event (everything was 10% off on the night), even though I'm hoping to breastfeed, fingers & boobs crossed, there will still be dummies to sterilise and bottles if I express. 

That's me at 30 weeks, only 10 weeks to go (please don't come early, baby!). Any tips for hospital bag packing? I'd love to hear them!


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