Monday, 17 October 2016

Week 32 Pregnancy Update

Maternity shirt dress by Seraphine
Never in my life has time passed as quickly as its passing now. Someone find me the pause button! I'm 32 weeks pregnant, the baby is 43cm long, according to my panic-inducing pregnancy apps I'll be gaining a pound per week from here on. I had a midwife appointment last week with Janet. I forgot to take her a golden liquid gift so I had to dash to the loo with a tiny plastic pot as soon as I arrived. Flustered, hot (always hot now), it was no surprise that my blood pressure was high. The baby's heart rate was pretty fast too so I had to lie there for double time to make sure it dropped again. She couldn't tell me for sure which was baby was lying, apparently it still has time to move though. My iron level scores are back and let's just say I'm not exactly getting an A* right now. She's letting me have another three weeks to improve. Anyone got a good steak recipe?  If I don't up my levels with diet changes she'll prescribe tablets which come with the added bonus of jet black poo. No thanks Janet. I'm off to eat a bath full of spinach.

So how am I feeling? Thanks for asking, I still feel pretty good, my walking speed as slowed down a little bit just because walking too fast causes a bit of tightness across the bottom of the bump, much to my long legged friend's amusement. I used to happily keep up with her long stride. Not anymore! I'm no snail, and I'm definitely not waddling, it's just taking me a few seconds longer to arrive at my destination. Apart from that I'm feeling pretty normal. I've been swigging a bit more Gaviscon of late, heartburn seems to kick in if I eat fatty foods or if I miss a meal. Although I've just started drinking kefir for it so we'll see if that helps. I haven't slept all the way through the night for the last two weeks but I'm not waking up for long and if I do have any trouble getting back to sleep I put one of my hypnobirthing tracks on and I'm out like a light! Baby kicks all the time, and doesn't seem to do much napping, which is lovely and reassuring but doesn't bode well for when it's living on the outside.

I went to the NHS antenatal class this week and I was genuinely surprised at how good it was. It was all about having an active birth, loads of encouragement to keep moving during labour and using relaxation techniques. There was a breathing exercise at the end where she darkened the room and read what sounded very much like a hypnobirthing script. Turns out my hospital encourages a natural third stage (placenta eviction) and delayed cord clamping as standard. At the end I asked the midwife that was running the course to have a cheeky prod of the bump to see if she could work out which way up the baby was lying and she plumped for head down, which is nice. If it stays there! Next week's course is on pain relief.

I think I have most things for my hospital bag ready now, I'm trying to pack lightly but think I'll have to take one bag for me and one for the baby. I've decided to leave an extra back-up bag at home for my mum to bring up if they keep me in for any reason, but at the antenatal class they said we could be home in four hours! They let you go home with a tiny human that you know nothing about in four hours!

That's me at 32 weeks! Five more pregnancy updates, max! Eek! 

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