Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Maternity Style: The Dungaree Edit

Pre-and early pregnancy I lived in dungarees, They are flattering, easy to wear, allow tops to be way too short underneath (you'll know what I'm talking about if your growing belly is making
all your clothes shrink) and there's just something so comforting about being strapped in. My (four pairs of) non-maternity dungarees fit me comfortably up until I was 29 weeks pregnant and although I was sad to relegate them to the back of the wardrobe, I didn't rush out to find some that accommodated the bump. It just seemed unnecessary when it was only ten weeks to the finish line. I thought I could cope without them, but how I miss their comforting embrace. With less than a month to go it's too late for me to justify a purchase now, but I've rounded up the best dungarees on the market for you. Save yourselves!

Do you share my dungaree love? Any favourite brands?


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  1. Love your baby bump style, very cute and I love how you tied up the dress too, helps keep you cooler I’m Sure


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