Sunday, 6 November 2016

Week 34 Pregnancy Update

I glanced at my phone screen this week to read a preview of an automated email which said "your baby's birth could be less than a month away now". I know that full term is 37-42 weeks but
seriously, do we need this sort of panic inducing emailery. I suppose I'm in the minority, are most pregnant women fully prepared by now, resting on the sofa and batch cooking meals for once the baby comes? We still don't have a kitchen. Or a sofa. Or a living room to put a sofa in (it's still dominated by a cement mixer right now). I'm not complaining, it's our choice to be DIYing right up to B-day but I'm definitely relying on a fashionably late baby, so none of this 'any day now' shenanigans, thanks.

I see Janet (or one of her midwife crew) every two weeks now. She still couldn't decide whether she was feeling a head or a foot above and to the left of my belly button. If baby is still hiding in there by my 36 week appointment she'll send me for a scan. I'm going to spend some quality time on all fours cleaning the floor between now and then. Apparently it's the best position to get the baby in the best position (I heard Clemmie Hooper mention this baby turning technique on a podcast before I was pregnant and it really lodged in my mind). I've tried to have a prod of the baby myself (only about every five minutes) and can only conclude that I'm having an octopus.

The iron level challenge is still underway, I've eaten amongst other things two steaks (chewy), two packets of dried apricots, cabbage soup (looked gross, tasted good) and quite a lot of products aimed at children which are fortified with iron. I have another week and a half before my blood test so I'll be eating a lot more coco pops  steak and spinach between now and then. I've thought about making a green juice. I even googled a recipe. It's a start. That's how much I don't want the black poo inducing iron tablets.

I went to the second NHS antenatal class, which was a world apart from the natural birth orientated first one. The instructor couldn't make it, so sent someone in her place who quite matter-of-factly covered inductions, epidurals, cesareans, catheters. She even passed around the extra long crochet hook that they use to break your waters. I left feeling quite sure that the drugs (and the crochet hook) are not for me and spent most of the class asking different versions of the question 'how can I make sure that I get a pool birth'! The answer to which is luck on the day that only one other person fancies a dip!

We made a quick escape to Cirencester to review a babymoon break for Gurgle magazine (work-perks!), the hotel was wonderful, delicious food, incredible room but I just couldn't shake the unease of being so far from home and my hospital. I know that if there had been any problems we could have used any hospital and of course it was all fine anyway but I just couldn't fully relax. Add to that the guilt of galavanting while we still don't have a plumbed in kitchen and it didn't make for a very relaxing weekend! I'm really glad we went though, our last weekend away without a car-seat in the back!

In general, I still feel pretty normal. I'm noticing that I'm a bit slower going up the stairs at work and I get a strange shooting pain if I move too quickly (or think I can skip my body's call to empty the bladder). Getting dressed is becoming trickier by the day, things that fitted yesterday no longer fit today (only a slight exaggeration). I've finally called it a day on under-the-bump jeans for work, sitting down in them for too long means that they dig in and are really uncomfortable. Leggings are my new best friend. I never thought I'd be saying that! I'm still managing shoelaces, largely because I haven't got around to buying any slip-ons and I've even managed to paint my toenails, it just takes a little longer to get in the right position for such adventures!

That's me at 34 weeks. Just six weeks to go now (maybe a bit more or a bit less)! 


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