Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Week 36 Pregnancy Update

Just one more week at my desk then I'm free as a bird. I actually feel like I could carry on physically, just not quite mentally, I've checked out. Not to mention that I'm so short of anything to wrap this
ever increasing watermelon in, office-wear is down to jeans and stripes. I'm becoming tired of my own stripy reflection. I don't think it's quite dawned on me that I'm actually leaving. Usually, you leave a job to go to another, and I am, in a way, one where my new boss is demanding, has no table manners and little regard for normal office hours, but at the same time, it's not work at all. I don't think I'll believe it until the baby is here. Mondays will never be the same again.

Despite my obsessive, get-baby-in-right-position floor cleaning techniques, Janet the midwife could still not 100% determine head from bum (the baby's, not mine) so I was sent off to the breech clinic, apparently this is so that if they find that the baby is breech they can have a go at turning it around. I'm not sure that I like the name of this clinic, they should really re-name it the which-way-up clinic, or something more medical but similar. I spent much of the next few days doing variations of:
1. Visualising the baby with it's head down in the right position. I'm not convinced on the science behind this one, but anything's worth a shot.
2. On knees and elbows, bum in air, scrolling through my phone which is positioned upside down, under bump. I managed about 20 minutes a day in this one.
3. Face (and bump) down in the bath. This was not the most comfortable of bathing techniques but I have been told that swimming is a good idea and I could not face the public pool. Same difference, right?

So after four days of gentle encouragement, the baby had not moved position. Hard lump on left, smaller jabbier moves on the right. No particular feelings in the lower bump region. Off we went to the hospital pretending not to be nervous, preparing my questions for what happens next and arming myself to start demanding the right to give birth naturally to a breech baby (I have no idea whether they'd oppose this anyway, but I was ready). The scan actually happened in which was officially week 37 but I thought I'd round it up and spare you another cliffhanger. We went into the labour ward where two midwives (one student) took us into one of the labour rooms, squirted the gel on and started scanning the bump. A world away from the 20 week scan, you could only see the baby as parts, but, she moved her doppler around and found the heart, on the left then hands on the right, then feet above the hands, it was looking good, then right down at the bottom of the bump, the head! Fireworks went off, music started playing, all of the hospital staff came in singing and beating drums.  She also said, 'head's engaged' just casually. Just casually mentioning that the head is getting ready to exit. I think she saw the panicked look in my eyes because she added-'that doesn't really mean anything'. Phew, because we still have a whole lotta DIY to do before this baby comes!

The house is getting more baby-safe by the minute, sometimes that means taking a few steps backwards, the kitchen wall was knocked down to make way for glass doors which made quite a lot of mess, but the joy of the big jobs is the massive transformation once they're done. I'm telling the baby 'not yet' on a daily basis. Janet says she's never met anyone that wants their baby to come late. Janet has not seen my house.

Symptom wise, apart from the shooting pain when I walk too far, too fast, I'm pretty much symptom free. The occasional bit of heartburn, the always full bladder, but nothing to go into labour over.

Any readers with similar due dates? How are you feeling?


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