Friday, 25 November 2016

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

I'm officially a lady of leisure. And it's lovely. The house is tidy (well, the bits of it that aren't still being demolished), the washing is all done, I've started Christmas shopping (online, I'm not braving the real life shops if I can help it at all this year). I am still getting up at work-o'clock but I now have time to eat a proper breakfast, see friends in
the afternoon, get my hypnobirthing practice in. Infact, I don't know where the day goes. I have lost count of the people that have advised l should use this time to lie in bed in the day and watch films. That sounds like the opposite of fun to me. So much to do, and I'm not ill, I don't feel heavy or cumbersome, I'm really quite happy as part of a two-piece for a while longer, I'll miss ol' bumpy when baby is out. 

My last day at work was on a Thursday in the end, I wanted to use up the last of my holiday before I went off and I came in to a decorated desk & a little lunch buffet. Cheesy wotsits, french stick and chocolate buttons. Those girls know me well. They also got me a Sleepyhead Deluxe, or rather they got one for the baby, although, now I come to mention it, this would be amazing in adult size for lying on left side in pregnancy. The baby sized pod is  now happily parked in the Snüzpod waiting for a baby. I've been working alongside my cousin for the past year so although I'm completely ready to finish work for a while, ending that little chapter was sad. Tom's office did us a baby shower too-he has petitioned for the past nine months that due to equal opportunities he should have the same treatment as the girls, he was spoilt. After the 'guess the baby food; blindfolded' challenge, and the pizza buffet we opened boxfuls of gifts, a Mothercare voucher and a course of baby sensory classes. I'm really looking forward to taking the little one to try this out as I'm not sure I'd have splashed out on this myself. Statutory maternity pay is not going to stretch to many of the posh mum and baby classes! I expect to be in the more church hall with a lukewarm orange squash and custard cream camp, which sounds pretty good too to be honest. My kind of gastronomy. 

I had another appointment with Janet the midwife this week (she had a student with her this time too). She phoned up for my iron results and lo-and-behold it was well within the allowed range-I can't remember how much it had risen exactly, and I don't seem to be able to find it in my notes but she was impressed that I'd done it with diet alone (I was quite surprised too!) and I'm happy that I don't have to take any black-poo inducing tablets. It does mean that I have to keep on eating the steak and apricots for a couple more weeks though. She measured the bump again, with her questionable tape measure and plotted it on the graph. The student measured it too and got a different reading. Such is the science of this bump measuring business. She offered to book me in for an induction at 40 weeks which I very quickly declined. This is how the conversation went: 

Janet: "So we can book you in now for your induction now for two weeks time" 
Me: "No thanks Janet, because, a) this baby will come when it's ready and b) you moved my dates five days with your 20 week scan so I'll actually only be 39 weeks anyway according to my correct dates, and anyway, I don't even feel uncomfortable"
Janet: "That's because you're only 38 weeks, you might feel different in two weeks time
Me: I won't. 
Janet: You feel like this because it's your first pregnancy, some babies need a bit of help to get things started"
Me: "No help for me thanks, I'll be breathing this baby out on the x of December, you wait and see.
Janet: *Chuckles*. I can't wait to see when this baby comes.

So that was it, settled, we agreed on another appointment in two weeks time by which point I'll still be 39 weeks pregnant by my watch and four days overdue by the NHS's. 

Symptom wise, I'm feeling pretty normal although the night-time toilet trips (and any time I arrive or leave anywhere) have increased and the dreaded cankle has appeared when I've done too much walking. Oh and the shooty pains. The ouchy shooty pains right down the middle ifyouknowwhatImean...that can strike at any time and take my breath away, but they go as soon as they come and google seems pretty sure that it's the baby 'burrowing' further down into my pelvis. 

That's all for this week, I would say that the 40 week update might not happen but I've never been early for anything in my life so I'm pretty sure I'll still be sitting on this fit ball, writing my update when I'm 40 weeks pregnant. 

Thanks for reading. Any tips for getting things going naturally, before the NHS start waving their crochet hooks at me?

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