Sunday, 29 January 2017

Breastfeeding Essentials: Home Comforts

 Feeding at home vs out and about are two pretty different experiences. The first is comfy, cosy and cuddly, the second is all about necessity, nourishment and trying oh so hard not to flash a nip! Here are my breastfeeding home comforts
The BBhugme
I know I'm always singing the praises of this piece of kit but after its pregnancy uses were retired it moved so seamlessly into its new role as my breastfeeding pillow. We even took it into hospital and it was super useful while I was learning to feed. I've recently upgraded to a new sleeve so that I can wash one and use one. Goodness knows everything needs a washable cover now (Check out my Instagram for a one-day-only offer).

Cake maternity rock candy bra
I've always been quite flat chested and didn't really need to bother with a bra at home but since my boobs grew overnight three days after little legs was born, I realised quite quickly that no bra is a no-no. The leaking came as quite a surprise to me! This bra is super comfy with lots of adjustment at the back as I continue my post-pregnancy deflation!

Mama designs bamboo washable breast pads
I've only just found these little wonders after wearing the disposable sort for the first month and what a difference these make, they are so much softer and more comfortable than their throw-away counterparts.

Elderflower and Delilah feed top
If I'm honest, this wasn't something I thought I'd wear but it was sent in while I was in the Gurgle office and I agreed to try it out. I popped it on last week and it's proved to be very handy for lazy at home feeding, I wear it with just a nursing bra underneath and a cashmere cardi on top (H&M have some great value cashmere right now), the sides are open so I can just unclip the bra and slot the baby in!

Bloom and Blossom X Mamas and Papas loungewear
The new maternity and nursing collection from the collaboration between Bloom and Blossom and Mamas and Papas is perfect for pregnancy and the post-partum bod, comfy and super-soft but sling a cashmere cardi over the top and it's totally acceptable for greeting the postman!
Otto muslins
I love the designs on the Otto muslins, they're not overpowering but still bright enough that they don't get lost in the bedsheets! I always use the largest size muslins at home, large enough to tuck under the baby to stop the milk dribbling onto my clothes and over my shoulder at the same time.

Anything else?
Yup, a big Evian bottle with sports cap, snacks (as long as it's chocolate based, I'm not fussy), sheepskin slippers (I bought some from Aldi before Christmas for £14.99!), my Yoomi breast pump for expressing  and Infacol (recently discovered to help her wind and I never start a feed without it now).

What are your feeding home comforts?

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