Monday, 23 January 2017

Review: Snüzpod Bedside 3-in-1 Crib

There weren't many things that I was sure that I wanted when it came to buying for baby but the Snüzpod was top of my short list. I'd heard great things about them from friends cheering on its safe co-sleeping properties but truth be known, the thing that really appealed was the design. Its simple shape and and clean lines mean that it
doesn't look out of place in our bedroom, and it takes up the exact width of the bedside table that it has replaced. Although I was tempted by the new pastel collection, I chose the white to fit in with our simple bedroom scheme. It was relatively simple to assemble, it took around half an hour with Tom putting the pieces together and me confusing things by trying to help read the instructions. The Snüzpod is a two part compact bedside crib (mattress included) on a curved wooden base that allows a slight rocking movement. It has a zip-down bedside panel that allows it to become an extension of the bed. The crib can be adjusted to the height of your bed (ours is on the highest setting). The crib part can be removed and placed directly on the floor which I have done once or twice, parking her in the dressing room (not as fancy as that sounds) so that I could get ready while she watched. 

We were in hospital for a few days after she arrived, we both had a bit of recovering to do, and she was in the hospital's own bedside crib- essentially a plastic box on wheels- for three days so I had become used to seeing her through the crib. The Snüzpod with its mesh window provided the perfect transition when we took her home. We didn't strap the Snüzpod to the bed for the first few nights as I couldn't position myself to lift or slide her out anyway so we had the crib next to the bed but didn't strap it to our bed to use the drawbridge. I found it quite comforting that I could see her through the mesh window and rock her even if I couldn't get out of bed to pick her up. Tom delivered her to me for the night feeds! Once we did secure the Snüzpod to the bed after a few days at home so that we could use the side zip safely we realised that it would no longer rock. I now use the drawbridge (zippy side panel) to get her in and out but always zip it back up once she's in, I'd be petrified of our quilt finding its way on top of her in the night if we left it down. 

At first, from three days old, on our return from hospital, she slept well in the Snüzpod but woke regularly, fast forward a few more days and we had resorted to the charms of the Sleepyhead, a sort of pod with bumpers to make the baby feel safe and secure. It worked and she's slept for hours at a time (she once slept for six! Although the breastfeeding lady gave me a bit of a telling off for that). The Sleepyhead fits in the Snüzpod as if they were made for each other. The only downside? I can no longer see her through the mesh because she's hidden below the bumpers of the Sleepyhead. You can't have everything! I usually take the Sleepyhead out in the morning after her feed so that she can have a thrash about and kick her legs and arms freely. At one month old, her arms touch the sides but length wise, she has a long way to go! 

Overall, we're very pleased with the Snüzpod. It suited our needs perfectly and I think in time, once she becomes a little more robust and a little more aware of who I am (not just a milk machine), I will use the zip down side much more and it will really come into its own. 

Snüzpod retails at £199.95. Find out more at


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