Sunday, 8 January 2017

Review: Wisbear The Humming Bear

On the morning after the sixth sleepless, relentless night with our baby girl as she slept in the kitchen through Kerrang radio at full blast (his music choice, not mine) while we prised our eyes open with matchsticks, I had an epiphany. We had been given a Whisbear, which was sitting patiently in its box on top of the wardrobe. I hadn't
really looked into what the Whisbear did. I knew he was a white noise bear and that he looked pretty cute perched on the side of the stylish cots of Instagram but I did have him down for one of those unnecessary accessories. How wrong I was. It makes sense when you think about it, she's been living in a very noisy womb, even when I'm asleep my heart was beating near her, my tummy rumbling, she's used to noise. Silence must feel very eerie to her. It would explain why she's happy to sleep in the day with the radio at full blast but come night, wakes all the time. 

I instructed Tom to go in search of 3 AAA batteries, 'I don't care if you have to take them out of the TV remotes' I said, 'we're trying that bear tonight'. Setup was simple, batteries popped in, the sound unit slots into the bear's head. It has a push button start (which you activate by squeezing the bear's head) and a sensor which very effectively reactivates it when she cries. The sound is quite low level, even on its loudest setting and is best described as white noise, you quickly become so used to it that you only notice it when it goes off. At which point I usually leap over to squeeze the bear's head again if she's stirring! Once she's at the screaming stage, white noise alone would not help her settle! But once it comes to that, it's usually the chicken korma in her nappy rather than the silence that is bothering her.

We actually tried the Whisbear at the same time that we introduced the Sleepyhead into her cot so can't say for sure which of the two was responsible for the best night's sleep we'd had so far. My best guess is that it was the teamwork of the two, the sleepyhead provided the feeling of the security of the womb and the Whisbear provided the audio. Since we've installed the two womb sensations she's been sleeping brilliantly. Of course she wakes to be fed a few times in the night but she settles back into her bedside crib easily and calmly and that is in no small part thanks to this little bear. 

We have the Whisbear Christmas Edition, you can see the full range and more info at

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  1. Yippee for Whisbear and Sleepyhead! One or both of them seemed to have worked a treat. I didn't try either with my babies and wish I had now as my two year old still doesn't sleep through. So pleased to have discovered your blog via Instagram and congratulations on your baby girl xx


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