Sunday, 1 January 2017

We had a baby!

Just a quick update to say that we had a little girl before Christmas, and after a short stay in hospital we were home in time for the big day! I may write my birth story in time, but for now we're recovering, in awe of all of the amazing NHS staff and getting to know each other. It's been a steep
learning curve but I am loving it. She's brilliant; long, strong and very hungry. She has a full head of dark hair and hilarious feet. Each day she accepts that we're not trying to murder her and chills out when we change her nappy a little bit more. She doesn't have a name yet, we have six weeks to register the birth and I think we'll use every one of those days. In any case, how often do you call a baby by her name, 'Sausage' Twinkle Toes and 'The Dictator' seem to suit just fine for now.

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