Sunday, 26 February 2017

Breastfeeding: A Pain In The Boob

So I've had to pierce my own nipple 🙈 (a whole lot of TMI follows, but I'm telling you because I didn't even know this was a thing & maybe this will save someone else a whole world of pain!).
Yesterday wasn't a highlight in my  mothering career...I thought the problem was her backed up poo. Convinced I had eaten something that had upset her belly, spring onions were the key suspects. She was screaming every time I tried to feed her, finally exhausting herself, falling asleep as the top half of my boob became harder and harder and more and more painful. I thought that it was because she wasn't feeding much so I was having showers, massaging the boob, holding a hot water bottle on it. Terrified of mastitis. Maybe her not wanting to feed had caused a blocked duct, I thought. She screamed and she screamed. All day. We bought her a new swingy chair. She screamed in it. She screamed in her cot and in our arms. We tried massage and bicycle legs to help the suspected poo out. Nothing we did could soothe her. I was ready to try anything. I only had 4oz of expressed milk in the freezer so I tried it and she gulped it down, no screaming. Then fed a bit from me on the non rock-hard side and fell asleep content (ish). Finally. I was googling blocked ducts when I came across something about nipple blebs/milk blisters. I had noticed a little white dot on my nip earlier in the shower but didn't think anything of it. The nipple wasn't sore so why would I, I thought that the problem was further up the pipe, but it looked exactly like the picture. The solution? Stick a pin in it apparently. If warm water/showering/massaging had failed. And it had. So, I sterilised a pin and popped it...hey presto, stuck the expressing machine on and milked 3oz out of one side. Oh. The. Relief. I don't think I was far off  full blown mastitis, on a Saturday night with the doctors shut. Hey I'm not saying you should start sticking pins in your nips, but knowing it's a thing might be enough to catch it early, I'd heard of blocked ducts but not blocked nips. She fed for over 45 minutes that night. Turns out she wasn't bunged up at all. She was starving. So now we know. Poor thing. 

Have you ever had a milk blister? Would you pop your own? 

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