Monday, 13 March 2017

Baby & Me: 11 Weeks

In the past three weeks, since my last update we've spent our first night without Tom, the kiddo has grown out of even more clothes and I fit in to even more of mine. Oh and we've both been discharged from the hospital at last! Here's what else has been happening:

The big news here is that she's been discharged, her hip displasia has corrected itself and no further intervention is required. No harness. I had mentally prepared myself that she might need some help with her hips, but after four weeks in double nappies the ultrasound (on a Sunday!) revealed that all is well. Did the double nappies really make all the difference or would it have corrected naturally anyway? Who knows but it wasn't worth the risk. After a few incidents where both nappies found themselves in the firing line, which was doubling the amount of nappies we were using, that and her clothes became difficult to do up, I took to putting a Tots Bots reusable nappy over her babygrow. We never left the house like this but it was much easier at home. Going back to a single nappy was a treat, lots of her clothes that we couldn't do up fit again! I should add that she wasn't fazed either way. 

I had a long discussion with the breastfeeding support worker about her tongue tie (she was identified as having a slight posterior tongue tie at birth) and whether she should have it snipped, twelve weeks is the NHS cut off for snipping so I had to make a decision. I opted to leave it, after all we've hobbled on this far, the clincher was when she said she might have to re-learn how to breastfeed. I'm just not willing to take the risk! We've had enough trouble as it is and I can't face the thought of having to sterilise bottles. The next day she poked her tongue right out. She's stopped being sick after each feed too, I mean, she has her moments but the reflux seems largely to have passed. She's still in agony trying to poo each and every time, even though what comes out is still a very thin chicken korma sauce. My mum bought her a potty because we have that much warning that we could feasibly get her on top of the potty to make her deposit. I haven't been brave enough to try yet. I worry about the splashing. 

We've stepped up our baby groups game in the last few weeks, I try to go to something baby focused most weekdays, and only the cheap ones, because she's a baby and she doesn't care. The most we've  paid for a group so far is £1.50 which gets us a cup of tea and a biscuit, the stimulation wears her out and she seems to sleep better when she's got something to process. We've started a baby massage course which she seemed to enjoy, no tears at least. The main challenge with these adventures is to get the feed/sleep cycle timed right. There's a group on a Friday which lasts an hour and a half, for two weeks running she was wide awake on our walk down there, cried through the singing at the start, slept through the play time and woke up and fed through the goodbye songs. On the third week I fed her at just the right time and she really enjoyed it. It did mean that I had to literally run the 1.3 miles to get there on time (because they don't let you in if you're late) and was wiping the sweat from my face with a muslin during the hello songs. 

I've finally been discharged too, a full eleven weeks later. I'm no longer in pain and I feel very much back to my normal self. Albeit a stone heavier and with a much more wrinkly belly. My last post was about my fitness intentions, they remain very much intentions but we've just booked our holiday so I'm definitely going to start...tomorrow. I weighed myself yesterday at my Mum and Dad's house (we don't have any scales at home) and I'd gained a pound since last week, this came as quite a disappointment, the first stone (and a half) literally fell off me and I've been deflating easily, putting it all down to breastfeeding and the daily buggy march, suddenly reaching a plateau means that I'm going to actually have to cut down on the cake.

Breastfeeding is a continuing challenge, some days go well and she feeds happily, it's a pleasure to feed her. On other days she screams the house down, head butting and furious. I have come to the conclusion that onions are the problem (or at least part of it), so I've stopped eating raw onions and I'm careful with anything too spicy. I've just found out that our local NHS feeding team have been cut so my lovely breastfeeding lady won't be there to cheer me on every Thursday. My boob took a whole week to feel better after the milk blister incident (read about that here) and I'm checking it all the time to make sure it doesn't come back.

We made our first trip into London on the tube, just me and her. I took the pram because although she'll go in the baby carrier for a while she really likes to sleep lying flat and I couldn't face her screaming on the tube, especially so close to my ear. It went pretty well, she didn't feed very well because we were in a really noisy restaurant so I had to nip into John Lewis on the way home to use the feeding room, it's always good for a chat with a stranger. It's amazing how the little ones unite us. I have never spent so long speaking to strangers.

That's us at 11 weeks. How is everyone else doing?

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