Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Breastfeeding Essentials: Out And About

Breastfeeding in public is a very different ball game to those comfy indoor feeds that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Discretion is not so easy if your baby is anything like mine, screaming, head butting and generally drawing attention to my exposed boob, that's how it feels, at least. In reality, people are pretty polite, they clock what you're up to and put their eyes somewhere else but it doesn't hurt to arm yourself with whatever you need to make those public feeds as relaxed as possible. Here's what I take for nursing on the go:

Hush Cush Pillow
This simple piece of kit is a revelation. With a baby that is growing at a faster rate than my arm muscles, I was glad to welcome the Hush Cush into my life. It slips onto your arm to support the baby's head, my arm is not aching by the end of a feed and my back is saved too. It also helps to get the baby in the right position which helps with her reflux, especially if she dozes off mid-feed. It's compact enough to hang on the buggy (but I usually slip into the basket underneath) and it's worth popping on one of the washable sleeves as the first line of defence against a bit of milk dribble. Find out more here.

Milla Breastfeeding Tops 
All hail this breastfeeding breton! It's my absolute favourite nursing top and luckily it washes well as rarely does a week go by when I don't have this on my back. I'll tell you why; it has concealed zips, one for each boob and they run just in line with your side boob, meaning that when it's unzipped the other boob remains well and truly covered, there is a white panel of stretch fabric underneath which holds the top together and covers the tum so that all that is on show, even if you pull it right open is a white band and a bra. Another bonus is that it's all in one so there's no scramble for a matching coloured vest in the morning. It's so discreet that I sometimes forget to do it up (especially if I have a cardi over the top) and don't notice for a few hours! Find out more here.

Mothers Love Fashion Jumpsuit
Although my everyday uniform is very much dungarees and breton tops, when we're going somewhere that doesn't involve getting down on hands and knees I'm loving wearing this black stretch crepe jumpsuit. The top panel lifts up to reveal a jersey under-layer which has a slit for the nip to peek out of for total discretion. We have a few weddings coming up and this is my go-to outfit, I just need a few different jacket and shoe options to mix it up. In these pictures I customised it by tacking on some embroidered flowers which I can easily remove if I want a different look. Find out more here.

Molly and Moo Muslins 
What I want from a muslin when I'm boob-out in public is either total blending into my outfit or pale colours that don't draw any attention. I tend to save the bright colours for bedtime to save the midnight scramble to catch the sick! I used my Molly and Moo largest of muslins for my first ever feed and felt totally covered and discreet. Their range is white and grey, chic, simple and most importantly not drawing your eye from across a coffee shop! They wash really well and are beautifully soft on G's little milky face. Find out more here.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads
I've tried a few different brands, including some budget options and I keep returning to these. They feel gentle on sore boobs, never stick to your nipple (sorry!) and have a huge capacity for storing leaking milk. I've never had a wet bra with these ones. 

What are your breastfeeding must-haves? I'd love to know in the comments below


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