Saturday, 4 March 2017

Post Baby Fitness: The Masterplan

During my post-birth stay in the hospital, when I could barely stand and the shuffle to the bathroom wiped me out so much that I'd fall asleep as soon as I made it back to my bed, a nurse came around
with a booklet and a briefing on getting fit post pregnancy. She asked if I had started my pelvic floor exercises, I laughed. She asked if I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy bod in eight weeks. This lady was too funny. I have the booklet somewhere. I should have looked at it but the truth is up until last week, my fitness aims were little more than getting out for a walk. When, at seven weeks post-partum I managed to jog to the doctors (because I was late), pain free it felt like the biggest victory. Now, at last, ten weeks after G made her entrance into this world, I'm ready to do a bit more. Not only because I have less than two months to stuff my thighs into a bikini but also because she is getting really blooming heavy and I'm worried about my back giving up. But where to start?

I need exercises that can be done with the little in tow, because, a) boob food and b) I am so not ready to leave her. I also need quite a lot of encouragement. Self-motivation, when it comes to exercise is not my bag. So I was excited to hear about Mum Hood, the new online fitness community for mums to share tips and advice on keeping moving with a bump or baby. It also includes a fitness programme from London fitness destination, Move Your Frame. There are different online programmes for each stage of the journey, and spoon feeding is exactly what I need right now. The pregnancy programme is split into trimesters with 30 minute workouts to follow. It's too late for me, I spent the whole pregnancy doing the same one workout on youtube, I could probably have taught the class by the end I knew it that well! Post-natally it starts with phase 1- a rehab programme, now that sounds exactly what I need, six weeks to re-engage the core and pelvic floor, once that's nailed there's an eight week 'phase 2' programme to get you right back to what you were doing pre-pregnancy. Simples. There are also real world 'bring a baby' classes if, like me you're lacking in self motivation and need a gentle kick up the bum to get started.

There are also some local courses that I'm signing up for, stretch and tone (with the baby) and outdoor buggy-fit, as soon as I can come to terms with the danger that I might get some mud on the wheels of the Joolz. This is run by my council and is a mere £12.50 per six week course. It's definitely worth asking your local council about the courses that they run for mums, I've found (in my very short experience) that they're great for meeting people and getting out with the buggy, I don't know about yours but my baby sleeps for loads longer when she's being pushed as opposed to lying in the cot in the kitchen while I eat cake, so everyone's a winner.

Well, I've talked about how I'm planning to reclaim my bod. That's half the battle won, right?

Image: I'm wearing pieces from the Move Your Frame X Mamas & Papas maternity athleisure collaboration

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