Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Baby & Me: 16 Week Update

We're through the last of the injections, she's on medicine so that she's no longer in pain after every feed, she's wearing 3-6 month clothes and she really wants to be sitting up. Here's what else has been happening.

She's been having a bit of a rough ride. The Gaviscon was good at first, it stopped her being so sick but she soon worked out what was going to happen and began refusing the bottle. I called the docs again and she reluctantly gave us Ranitidine to try. It goes in be syringe and she seems to quite enjoy the taste. Sometimes it's the only thing that will settle her. No sooner had we sorted out the screaming with pain episodes than we were back to the doctors for more needles in her poor little legs. I can handle the pins in the legs, yes she cries but it's all over in a moment and they soon forget. It's the aftermath that causes the problems. This round of injections (the 16 week jabs) seemed to hit her the hardest but for the shortest time. For 48 hours she swayed between a whimper and a cry. It was very upsetting to watch and nothing did much to help. She just woke up two days later right as rain. I suspect the reason that it didn't take her the full week to recover as it did from the last ones was because this time there was no rotavirus vaccination. That's the one that seems to upset her tum for a whole week. 
So, we were over the jabs but she had a cold when she started and that's still lingering on making it hard for her to breathe which means it's hard for her to eat. They are in such a delicate balance! In general though, she's happier. 

Someone asked me how I've got her into a routine and the truth is I haven't. She dictates her feeds and her sleep (although I will encourage a nap if she's getting ratty). She still tends to feed every three hours in the day and does one six hour stretch at night. She's started sleeping in the evening, and seems to go down at 8pm until 2am if I let her. Sometimes I wake her up for a feed and a nappy change in the hope that she goes for a longer stretch during the night, other times I let her sleep. She's also started waking up earlier. 6.30am early. That is something I do want to nip in the bud! 

She's holding her head up really well and quite likes to be on her tummy for a while (then suddenly becomes furious until we turn her back over). She has started rolling over in the last few weeks but hasn't worked out how to get her arm out of the way to get completely over onto her front. She wants to put everything in her mouth but doesn't quite have the coordination down so spends a lot of the time smashing things into her face, we have to be careful what we give her to hold now. The hard plastic toys are not our friend. Neither is anything too fluffy! She is learning how to make things work, she can pull on one toy to make the music play now, others are proving more tricky! I love watching her little brain learn things. She's babbling a lot but not particularly trying to copy our sounds 'mum, mum, mummy' is responded to with a firm 'agoo'. Translated roughly to 'no chance, I'm saying Daddy first'. 

Tough times for her equal tough times for me too, Tom was working away during the jabs and the days afterwards and although I went to stay at my parents and they helped, it was really draining. As soon as she felt better, I did too, although I think it takes me a bit longer to catch up on the kip! Breastfeeding was becoming a bit sore but I wonder if that was to do with increased demand after her injections because that's better too, but I do seem to be suffering quite regularly with milk blisters, most of them have popped themselves while she feeds but they are a bit painful while they are there. 

I've lost a little bit more weight but its definitely slowing, I still haven't cut down on food because I'm just so hungry from feeding her, I also still have the very stubborn jelly belly which I'm hoping to hula hoop away before my holiday in two weeks time! No chance. I still have a very dark line down the middle of my stomach which I really expected to disappear quickly but a quick straw poll found out that sometimes it takes nearly a year to go. I think i'll still wear a bikini though. Most people around the pool are too busy worrying about how they look to judge anyone else. That's what I'm telling myself anyway! 

I feel like i'm enjoying her more every week, that little gummy smile fixes everything and she's becoming more and more entertaining. I do miss that tiny baby that snuggled in but the one that wants to bounce as soon as you hold her is very cute. I can't wait to take her on holiday, ten days in the sunshine (with three extra sets of arms to help) sounds good to me. Just don't talk to me about the flight. I'm taking milk in a bottle, water in another and a set of boobs but she might just scream the whole way. Who knows, I'm just really hoping we don't get heckled!


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