Thursday, 27 April 2017

Newborn Gift Ideas

Now I'm not complaining, we were lucky enough to be given some very beautiful clothes but with a bulging wardrobe (she has far more clothes than me) I really appreciated the gifts that we didn't have to wrestle her in to, especially in those first weeks when anything more tricky than a button up the front babygrow was a non starter. Here are my top six new mama (non-fashion) gifts:

Grooming kit
My friend bought me the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Baby Healthcare Kit two weeks after G was born and I have used almost every piece (minus the toothbrush-no teeth yet). Ok, it's not the most glamorous gift but in all honesty you're just trying to keep the tiny thing alive in those early days so clippers/scissors to keep their nails short, a snot sucker-yes really-to try (and usually fail) to clear the nose, soft hair brush and comb and that all important thermometer to calm the post-jabs panic were all too welcome. It comes in a handy travel case to keep it all together too. It's a really great little kit and at just £12 it's pretty reasonable too. You really only need one of these though, so give a gift receipt! Find out more here.

I had a baby that liked to be put down, maybe not in the first couple of weeks but as soon as she'd got used to the fact that she was no longer in a belly, she really liked to stretch out. This meant that when I went to visit friends I often took a play mat for her to sleep on, even in the very early days. We're still using it lots now, it's often slung under my pram to whip out when we arrive at the park or friends' houses. I even took it to our baby massage classes. We have this Avery Row Go Everywhere Mat which rolls up neatly into a handy carry contraption. Find out more here.

Bath-time Treats
Bath products weren't something I stocked up on pre-baby so a bath care gift set was a lovely treat. Storksak, maybe more well known for their baby bag line have really nailed it with this collection of luxe organic baby bath and body essentials. The baby spa gift box comes complete with a baby oil, baby balm, baby wash & shampoo, baby lotion and hand and face wipes, all beautifully and simply packaged (I'm a sucker for well designed packaging). The fragrance is light, yet divine, it turns out english pear, chamomile and honey is a winning combination. I find myself inhaling the smell left on my skin. The only product in the set that I haven't already used lots of is the lotion, I don't feel that she need any extra moisture on her skin right now. As for the rest? The baby wash & shampoo lathers nicely on the sponge and feels delicate on the skin and the baby balm has a delicious texture and is easy to apply I use it on the bottom and around the crease in her neck. It comes in a really sturdy and beautifully illustrated box too. I'll be using it to pack away a few keepsakes for sure. The gift set is £35, Find out more here.

Baby towels
Of course you can use any towel for a baby but it's far cuter if it makes them look like a little bunny! This one is from Molly and Moo and is perfect for wrapping a newborn in. I also have a Cuddledry Hands Free baby towel which you wear like an apron while they are in the bath-never underestimate a tiny baby's ability to soak the bathroom floor-and means that you can lift them out of the water straight into the towel, especially useful really early on when a bath would exhaust her so much that she was too hungry to wait to be dressed for dinner! Find out more about Molly & Moo here and Cuddledry here.

Perhaps it seems silly to buy toys for a newborn when all they do is eat, sleep and a stripey t-shirt is enough to hypnotise them but it doesn't take long before they're starting to look for more stimulation. Toys were definitely not on my new mama-must-have list, and in any case, she would play with soft teddies in chic shades before she graduated on to wooden pull alongs, right? Luckily friends with babies knew the drill and the Lamaze Rusty The Robot entered our lives. My idea of stylish toys went out of the window once I accepted her love affair with this colourful bot. Such is her adoration for him I've even attached him to my beautiful grey pram more than once. Shock. Horror. The truth is, whatever keeps them amused for the longest time wins out. And for every Instagram image that you see of a beautiful baby staring adoringly at a grey rabbit you can bet your bottom dollar there's a primary coloured sanity saver just out of shot. Rusty is £10.99 from Kiddicare.

What? They don't get teeth for ages right? That may be so, but the desire to put anything and everything in their mouth starts much earlier, sooner than they acquire the co-ordination to do so effectively. We learnt quickly that those hard rubber teethers could really set off a crying fit when smashed directly into one's eye so we were glad to be introduced to this cute little chick. My Friend Goo is made of really lightweight natural rubber so much easier to hold from a younger age and super-soft too. It's made by mama of two on her mat leave who designed it for her own daughter and is £9.99. Find out more at

What were your favourite baby gifts? I'd love to know in the comments below!


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