Sunday, 14 May 2017

Baby & Me: 19 Week Update (Holiday Special!)

She turned 19 weeks in Tenerife and I feel like she's done a tremendous amount of growing this week. Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's having her Dad with her all day and Nan and Grandad around (my parents came with us to up the baby to adult ratio!) or maybe she's just grown up past that newborn stage but she seems happier, more content and more able to communicate what she wants. In her own way. 

She's rolling all the time now and will flip herself over as soon as you put her on a flat surface. She knows what to do with her arms now too so she doesn't trap them awkwardly underneath her anymore. She's gnawing on everything and anything that she can reach goes straight in her mouth. We lost her teether somewhere between the flight and the hotel so our fingers are paying the price. She was ok on the flight, we had a spare seat between us and she managed to nap there, she's not one for sleeping in our arms and I don't think we have a spare on the way home so I'm not looking forward to that! We took some expressed milk in a bottle and she breastfed on take off and landing and had the additional bottle of milk too. Of course she cried and whinged at points but the plane was so noisy that it didn't seem very loud and she soon stopped. The dagger stares that I was expecting never came. The week away has been very baby focused, it's all about her and she's loved it, she's pulling herself up when you hold her arms and loves to bounce. She's happy in the water too, we've only taken her in early morning or late afternoon because we're paranoid about the sun but the main pool is 30 degrees and feels like a bath. We chose an all inclusive resort so that we could abort dinner if we needed to but there was only one evening that she was so unsettled that we almost gave up and she did go off to sleep in the end! There are quite a few little ones and it seems quite family focused so I don't think anyone minds the odd squeal. She seems to have grown loads this week, her hair seems to be coming through more blonde too. 

Apart from starting the holiday with my first bout of mastitis (horrendous), I've loved our first holiday. I spent day two holed up in the hotel room while Tom took the baby out and only brought her back for feeds. I had a high fever, headache and felt really sick. I finally gave in and called the doc and agreed to take antibiotics. I really didn't want to take them because I knew that they would upset her system but the threat of getting an abcess abroad was enough to convince me. By the next day I felt better although it did take four days before the lump had fully dispersed. Mastitis aside, the holiday was a lovely break, being at home with her all the time is a luxury and I do love it but having three extra adults to pass her between was bliss. I was a bit nervous before we left about stripping down to my bikini but as it turned out the pool was full of different shapes and sizes, I didn't exactly stick out. Feeding was a breeze around the pool, when you're only wearing a bikini there's much less faffing involved. I can't believe she's almost five months old, it's passing so quickly and I do miss that tiny newborn but the older she gets the less she cries and the less anxious I feel. I know that her reflux issues weren't my fault but having a baby that is screaming more than she is smiling doesn't exactly make you feel like mother of the year, now that it's under control I seem to have everything more under control too. 

That's us at 19 weeks! 


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