Monday, 22 May 2017

Nursing Bras: What I Know Now

I'm still breastfeeding, five months in, and nobody is more surprised by this than me. It's been a rocky ol' road but it really is a miracle, watching your baby grow nourished entirely by a pair of body parts that frankly, prior to their new role barely needed a bra. But, need a bra they do now, and in my short but intense experience I've learnt a few things about nursing bras. Here's what I know:

A nursing bra must have four main properties for my money. Firstly, it must be comfortable, this means it must support the goods without pressing too tight and upsetting those fickle milk ducts. It must be practical, yes, it must be easy to unclip with one hand while a baby tries to escape your grip with the other. Failed unclipping attempts will not be suffered gladly and may result in one unsuspected loose boob until the next feet and a niggling feeling that things just aren't right. Thirdly, it must be attractive. Occasionally, despite valiant attempts to be discreet, the baby will take it upon itself to reveal said bra to an unsuspecting audience, and anyway, I'm nursing, I'm not ninety, there's no need for ugliness. Lastly, it must wash well and dry quickly, turnaround is paramount when you only have a few bras at your disposal.

The high street has a surprisingly poor offering, and it's not for my lack of looking. They either look like something from the 1950s (not in a good way) or are made of such a material that one whizz in the washing machine leaves the cups more lumpy than a bag of expressed breast milk left out in the sun. Sorry, that's not a nice image. You didn't need to see that. Blink, it will go away.

Anyway, on my travels (around the internet) I've found a few bras that tick enough of the boxes to make it in to my lingerie drawer. Let's talk about the latest addition that I'm wearing here shall we?

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

It is beautifully comfy and easy to wear, it supports really well and the shape is good. The stretch fabric hugs nicely despite going up and down in cup sizes throughout the day, the seamless design  equals no bits to dig in too. There are four bra fastener options for tightness which is great for a body shape that's (hopefully) still decreasing. I wore this bra on a flight, through an episode of Mastitis and I'm sitting here wearing it now. I have found, however that it comes up smaller than my other brands in the same style so if you're between sizes it's worth sizing up.

The clips are very secure and have a double click as they release and re-attach, meaning they don't come unclipped on their own but it does take a bit of getting used to, the clips are quite high up on the bra too which although feels extra supportive means that you have to reach up quite high to help the clips meet and has resulted in a few far-too-long fumbles up my top. There is a knack to it but I'm getting better! Inside the bra are two formed foam inserts which in my book is essential when you're adding a breast pad to the equation. It means the shape stays boob-like rather than looking like you're storing a pack of kleenex for later. Oh, and it comes with a kit to convert to a regular bra for when you no longer need to whip em out!

I like it. It's simple but stylish. Has a good shape and the colour goes well with dark or light clothing, the straps are reasonably thin too and don't look like scaffolding when they peep out.

It washes really well and dries quickly hanging next to the radiator. The foam inserts are still smooth, although they do both escape during the wash so I have to remember to re-assemble when it comes out. The colour has kept well and not faded.

It's quickly become a firm favourite and has joined a small but carefully chosen army of nursing bras that spend their days supporting the goods and the nights partying in the washing machine. The tricky thing with buying nursing bras is that you never quite know when your breastfeeding journey will end but the convert-to-a-regular-bra kit means that I'd definitely invest in another of these. I have my eye on the pink, whaddya think?

The Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra is £34 and available here.


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