Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Baby & Me: Six Month Update

As I write this it's 2am, roasting hot and I've just fed for the fifth time since 7pm, my big, six month old baby seems to have regressed to newborn levels of hunger. I don't blame her, I'm thirsty too but my eyelids are not happy about the situation. The house has gone to ruin during the heatwave this week, I have just about enough energy to keep her alive let alone tackle any ironing. Here's what else has been happening: 

She's eating solid food! I think solid is a little generous, it's very much liquid food (read about the weaning here) but it's a massive milestone, one that I was little reluctant to begin. It means that the kitchen is a tip, the clothes are ruined, the sick is coloured and the ol' poo poo is like cement. She's having a tough time with her bowels, I managed to get her to do a poo on the potty, must feel nicer than sitting in a nappy-full, she was straining so I whipped her baby grow off and popped her on the tiny throne. There's nothing like cheering on a straining baby while they poo (and have no idea why you're so excited). I've given her  Ella's Kitchen prunes and extra water and they've softened slightly but it was still a struggle. I hope you're not reading this over your breakfast. 

She's just about sitting up, I was getting a bit concerned, she was one of the last of her age group to be sitting, she just isn't all that interested in being in one place for too long, rolling is much more fun, clearly. But suddenly it all came together, she'll still occasionally topples but she's pretty much nailed it. Parenting gets a whole lot more stressful from here on in. 

She's much more dexterous now and plays with things really purposefully, rather than just hitting them at random, she only has three toys, all of the soft variety but they're not holding her imagination for too long so I think it's time to introduce some battery powered, flashing, noisy extravaganza. If it gives me five minutes to hang the washing out or eat something, I'm sold. Speaking of sold, her Joie swing chair has found a new owner, she tried to escape from it (almost successfully) so although I was sad that it marked the end of her newborn days, I'm glad of the space in the kitchen, for now. I'm looking for a walker so it won't be for long. 

I've lost a little more weight, I haven't put any effort in, just the weather makes you want to eat more salad than chips I guess. Plus, I'm still breastfeeding, so that must help. I'm no waif, I weigh just under ten stone now and at 5"5 that puts me at a size 10-12. I'm ok with that at the moment. 

I've been plagued with blocked ducts in the last few weeks, I seem to be able to get rid of them, as long as I have the breast pump handy! But the threat of the dreaded Mastitis hangs over me until I've worked it out. 

My hair is falling out lots more now and feels much thinner than it did, I've also developed lots of spots on the back one arm and over the shoulder. I can only assume that this is due to post-partum hormones, it doesn't hurt, just looks a bit unsightly (once I've had a good pick), is arm acne a thing? Who knows, I'm just thankful it's not my face. 

That's us at six months! Eek! 

Credit: The wrap is by Fornessi 


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