Thursday, 8 June 2017

Baby & Me: Week 23 Update

At least I think we're at 23 weeks, I'm losing track! I popped into the breastfeeding cafe last week to get some weaning advice and was chatting to some mums of tiny babies about sleep and reflux and THE CRYING THAT JUST WON'T STOP. It made me realise how far we've come. The breastfeeding expert (let's call her Natalie, because that's her name) was walking around soothing a crying baby, two months ago that would have been G.
We relied on those Thursday mornings so much and went religiously until we got the acid reflux under control. Natalie often took her off my hands to let me drink my tea and eat my cake. Today she rolled around on the floor, chewing on anything she could grab and smiling at anyone that looked in her direction. That big gummy smile. It goes so fast. Here's what else has been happening:

We're thinking about solid foods, but apart from a tiny piece of squished of banana on holiday (which by the look on her face tasted of dog poo) we've not started yet. My instinct is to wait until she can sit up comfortably. She has rolling mastered and loves to stand up on her legs, you can even let go for a millisecond if she's got something to hold on to. She's not interested in sitting on her own though, I try propping her up and putting her in the Bumbo but she's happier being left to roll around. 

She's finding her voice more each day, sometimes really loudly in quiet situations, we had a wedding at the weekend and I was expecting a strong outburst during the "does anyone have a reason why they shall not be married" bit. Classic. She was fine though, a few whinges and a hollers but I think considering she sat for almost an hour on a church pew (well, on our laps) she was pretty good. She says things that sound a bit like words but I'm not sure its intentional, she does a good "eeeooo" (hello) and "nooo" (no) but they're totally out of any useful context. 

She still sleeps pretty well, a couple of naps in the day, sometimes three and a good six hours at night usually, although I'm wary of saying that out loud, even more so plastering it on the internet because it seems that every time I start a sentence with "usually", she decides it's time to change things.

I'm doing ok, as she becomes more predictable I am managing to get more done at home in the day so I don't feel as much of a slob by the time Tom gets home. I mean, I'm no stepford wife but I am at least taking the hoover for the odd spin. 

I'm still breastfeeding and it is getting easier and easier. Ok, she's heavier to hold up and I find my back is suffering but it feels like we've got the hang of it at long last and it's almost time to start weaning her onto solids. I suppose that will take quite a while so I won't have to relegate the nursing bra just yet! 

Weight wise, I'm still 3/4 stone heavier than I was but I'm back in size 10 jeans, I do need to start offloading the weight a bit more intentionally because I'm a bridesmaid in October. It seems a long way off now but I just blinked and I have a five and a half month old so it will come around in no time! 

That's us at 23 weeks! 


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