Friday, 21 July 2017

Baby & Me: Seven Month Update

What a difference a month makes. I probably say this with every update but the development leaps seem to be quicker and bigger (and result in a few more bonked bonces) as she gets older. I'm not sure if it's the tiny bit of extra hair, the sitting up or the babbling but it seems like my baby is being replaced by a little girl already. I'll say it goes SO fast. Here's what else has been happening:

After making great strides with weaning since just before she reached six months, in the last two weeks the reflux symptoms that we had long said goodbye to returned. I had forgotten what it was like, to the point that I wondered whether she was teething, it wasn't until an entire avocado was returned to sender resembling something from Doctor Who that I finally conceded that our old friend was back to say hello. Off we went to the GP to start her on Ranitidine again, I felt it wasn't worth messing around with the other options, we knew it worked last time, I hope that her body just needs re-setting. There has been a bit of confusion over what I should be feeding her now though. My instinct is to stop giving her any fruits at all, the doctor said I can stop and start again at eight months, and to water her puree down (I'm ignoring that one, I don't want her filling up on water!). The breastfeeding support worker said to give her one vegetable to hold each day so that she doesn't become a fussy eater and to breastfeed as normal. As it stands I've just rewound right back to the start. I'm giving her porridge in the morning and a couple of tastes of something really mild (like cauliflower) in the afternoon. It's slightly disappointing because apart from the reflux, she was doing really well with solids, but oh how lovely it is to go back to leaving the house without a plastic army of bowls, bibs and spoons. Because I'm still breastfeeding I only need to take myself. Every cloud eh?

She's sitting up really well and slinking around on her front using her arms to swivel but hasn't quite worked out how to get the legs to join in. I'm not encouraging it, our house is still half building site, she's safer when she's slower! She can't quite get from sitting to lying without a good bonk to the forehead but she's working on it. She seems much less frustrated now. I've changed the pram from basinet to stroller and she seems much happier in there too.

At seven months and one day old we moved her into her own room. There wasn't a grand plan, we didn't really discuss it much but it was on the cards so when Tom came home on Thursday night I was already trying to manhandle the cot into her room. He mounted the baby monitor onto her wall and we whipped the giant Sleepyhead into the cot. And she slept. With one less wake-up than before and he who has to get up for work in the morning must have felt like he'd been to a spa. I don't think she stirred at all. Perhaps we should have done it earlier but I don't think I was ready. She, on the other hand didn't seem to mind one bit. She looked around a little suspiciously at first but nodded off as usual. I'm glad we didn't wait any longer now though.

I had my first night out without family this week. I'd been to the theatre with my mum and been out for a few drinks with Tom but never on my own. The girls (other baby mums) on my street got together at one of their houses for dinner and it was good! I had two and a half glasses of rose. Wild. Back at home (two doors down!) Tom fed the baby expressed milk. I'd really recommend getting your local mums together, it's so funny I'm on all of the apps because I was so worried about being a loner and there are five of us within seven doors with babies of the around the same ages. G is six months, that's how long it took to pluck up the courage to get their numbers. 

After feeling like I'd breastfeed for a long time (after we finally cracked it) I've recently found myself standing in the baby aisle of the supermarket looking longingly at those bottles of formula. Can they wipe out those night feeds? If so, I think I might be ready! I'll still breastfeed in the day if I can because I'm trying to make my life easier, not more complicated but the temptation of a full nights' sleep is getting to me. I've reached this point a few times though and never quite go through with it. We shall see.


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