Thursday, 27 July 2017

Spotlight On: Teethers

As I pondered out loud whether teething could explain G's latest grumbles my mum said to me 'teething is a bit like labour, you have a few false starts before it really gets going at which point you think it's not so bad, THEN, after that, once its totally obvious and there is no question about it, that's when the tooth will come through'. It made me laugh but it's probably true. By my mum's analogy G's been having Braxton Hicks for a few months now, days here and there where she wants to gnaw on everything but no sign of any toothy-pegs yet. Here's what G's been chewing on:
1. Lara and Ollie Silicone Teething Bangle And Necklace
After putting myself down as not one of those people, I have been quick to embrace the teething necklace, if I don't wear something for her to grab onto while she feeds, she's likely to try to undress me as she grapples to pull on something. I tend to give her the bangle to use as a teething ring to avoid a wrist full of dribble. Lara and Ollie make their products from food grade silicone and do a great range of colours. Teething necklaces £17.95, see more here.

2. Nuby Icy Bite Fruit Teether
I've had this teether in my life long before I had a baby, I liked the look of it so I saved it from my Gurgle magazine days. The pur ice filling means that it gets nice and cool in the fridge and stays cold longer than water filled teethers. The ice is really soothing on those gums and is a perfect substitute for ice lollies as I can't give her fruit until her tummy settles. Similar product £4.69 at Boots. 

3. Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy
This little fella is a triumph, he is really easy for little fingers to hold and has little nodules on the back of his head (like the back of a toothbrush-when you buy the expensive one) which not only help to give those little gums a satisfying gentle scratch but holds teething gels or granules in place so that baby can rub them right on to the problem area. Available in a range of colours, £9.99. See more here.

4. Mama Knows Teething Necklace
A little different to the classic beaded teething necklace (but they make those too), this shape means that it sits really nicely, when it's not being gnawed on and makes me feel like I've made an effort too. Made from food grade silicone and available in a range of colours too. Teething necklace £13. See more here.

5. Squidge And Pip Sensory Teether
With lots of different lumps and bumps and really easy to grip on to the Squidge and Pip teether is a winner, the bright colour means it's easy to locate in often untidy underbelly of the pram too. Made in Britain from medical grade silicone too. Squidge and Pip sensory teether £20. See more here.

6. My Friend Goo Teether By Cloud And Cuckoo
Designed specifically for the early stages of teething, this natural rubber teether has been a hit in our house. She started wanting to put things in her mouth early on, but before her hand eye co-ordination caught up this resulted in a few tears, the Goo solved this problem, it's really lightweight so is easy for even tiny babies to hold and is soft enough that if they don't quite aim for the mouth it doesn't cause a meltdown. My Friend Goo, £9.99 See more here.

7. Sophie La Girafe 
I don't know any baby who doesn't have a Sophie in their lives. The original teething toy, Sophie has been around since 1961 and is made from natural rubber. It took a while for us to bond with Sophie, I let G play with the little giraffe a bit too young and she hit herself in the face a few times with Sophie's pointy ears. At six months, once her aim was a little more polished, I let her rekindle her flame for Sophie, and she's loved her so much in that short month that the ears are missing some colouring! Original Sophie toy, £13. See more here.


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