Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Review: The Diono Quantum Multi-Mode Travel Stroller

I unwrapped and built the new Diono Quantum multi-mode stroller in front of my mum (who was holding the baby) to a chorus of "oh isn't that clever" and "it MUST have been designed by parents". She's not a woman who's easily impressed. She's right though, I've had my mitts on a lot of prams and this is an ingenious bit of kit. What's so brilliant? I'll tell you.  

You don't need to store spare parts. If your home storage space is already bulging with baby gear (I know ours is) you'll welcome the Diono Quantum, it converts from carriage mode to seat mode with just four clips, the only extra thing to store is the bassinet mattress. It's incredibly quick to switch from one to the other, perfect if you're taking a holiday during the transition stage. I know that it's generally recommended that a baby lies flat until six months old but their nosy nature starts far sooner. With the Quantum, switching from bassinet to the seat doesn't have to be a big commitment. Baby needs to sleep in the evening while you have dinner? Just switch it back. I popped her in and at seven and a half months baby G still has plenty of room in the bassinet, I'll be tempted to switch it for evening naps on holiday next week, and, I'm not sure it's recommended but it's actually possible to strap her in while lying completely flat!

The bassinet can be tilted in lie-flat mode. Why would you want to? You ask. I am a long suffering mum of a baby that has reflux (it's tough for us both!), tilting the baby slightly upwards is the number one thing that is recommended. It makes a huge difference too, to help keep the milk down and relieve their discomfort. I can remember driving my buggy with its front wheels in the air for what felt like miles because it seemed to make her more comfortable. The toddler seat has a three position recline and all of the tilting is operated at the head of the seat. This is one of the stand out features for me, because in that moment, when the eyes become droopy, the transition to lie flat mode must be seamless. Any faffing and those peepers ping open. This is the best I've seen.

The canopy. I demonstrated this on Instagram stories and was inundated with messages that simply said "THAT HOOD!". For anyone that's battled with a parasol, or in our case, chased after it down a dual carriageway (true story), you'll know the joy of a good sized hood! No more precariously draped muslins, no more screaming baby every time you change direction. The four tiered flexible canopy comes all the way over, and, as a final flourish, a reflective band pulls down from the canopy to create a fully closed and cosy space for the baby to sleep, out of the sun. There's a peek-a-boo window to check that they're still breathing-apparently that never goes away-without opening the canopy, it closes by the magic of magnets, which is fantastic as we all know that velcro is no friend to the mother of a sleeping child. There's also a mesh panel at the rear for air flow.

The storage. A baby requires an ever surprising amount of kit, not to mention that as soon as you have a pram you become a walking trolley for anything that friends or family don't want to carry. It's huge and as it's very low and wide it's easily accessible. I'm not keen on the mesh though. I've got too much mess for the mesh!
The size. It feels like a sturdy pram to push and has an extra large seat so there is lots of room inside. I like a larger pram, we're not small people and have the luxury of a car that accommodates a larger buggy so I like her to have the room to stretch out. This also means that she's less likely to out-grow it before she's ready.
Extras are included. The adaptors are included for Maxi-Cosi, Cybex and Nuna car seats, which can be mounted world or parent facing. The rain cover comes as part of the package too. The apron does zip on in toddler mode but it's very tight on the legs so I'm not sure it's intended to be used this way. There are some add-ons that you can pay extra for, including a foot muff for toddler mode and cup holder.

Intuitive design. I didn't use the instructions until the final stage (switching to seat mode, which is easy too when you know how). This is a great test, you know that a product has been designed with you in mind when you can work it out quickly and confidently. Anything that does something stands out in white, textured plastic, meaning you can feel your way. It makes it a great buggy to send out with the grandparents too.

The handle height is adjustable. I am 5ft 5" and use it on its lowest setting, my husband is 6ft 1" and uses it somewhere at the upper end. This means that he doesn't kick the chassis as he pushes.
I will, however say this, I just don't trust myself with a foam handle, I'm always in a rush, often throw my make up on as I'm flying out of the door and I'm convinced that I would immediately cover the handle with Estee Lauder Double Wear. Not to mention bits of chocolate, crisps and whatever else I manage to eat in between her many engagements!
The wheels are easy to pop on and off to clean, they swivel for great handling and lock for bumpy terrain. They seem to lack the grip of air-filled bicycle style tyres on other pram models though and although they are fantastic on-pavement, it's not a buggy that I'd use on muddy or rocky terrain. I'll be taking it to the beach in a few weeks so you'll have to hold tight for the sand test!

Anything else? I could go on...

It folds up using one hand, and opens this way too. It does fold up with the seat attached but this creates a very tall folded buggy and I haven't mastered getting it into the car without taking it into two parts.

The brake is mighty clever. It's operated by stepping on the bar at the back to engage and release so your shoes don't get scuffed particularly handy whilst wearing sandals.

The bumper bar swivels so that when one side is released it can be tucked downwards, so theres no risk of trapping little fingers from it falling closed.

The five point harness is easy to use and the waist and shoulder straps stay connected so that you're not rooting around under a furious baby for four separate straps.

It comes in four colours are all stylish, we have the teal. It brings out her eyes!

I've said enough! But if you do have any questions, please throw them my way through whichever channel inspires you! The Diono Quantum is £500, find out more here.


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