Saturday, 23 September 2017

Baby & Me: Nine Month Update

Every month, I like better than the last. She talks and really means it (although only she knows what she's saying, obviously), she plays on her own...for a while and she's climbing up on everything and anything. I feel like I have a bit more time back although I've started a small business (I know, I know, what am I thinking?) so I can say goodbye to that again. I never did like to be idle. Here's what else has been happening. 

She's crawling. Really quickly too, and climbing up anything that she can which means a few more bruises for her and panic attacks for me. After a few weeks of "careful". "No". "What's that in your mouth!" I bought a playpen (second hand from Facebook marketplace) and it's been a game changer. I'm sure it's appeal will wear off but for now she's happy with her toys in there and I can finally get some clothes pressed without her trying to scale the ironing board. 

The sleep situation has gone even further backwards. After a flurry of enquiries up until a few months ago people have stopped asking if she's sleeping through the night and just assumed that she is. At the moment she has a cold and can't breathe and feed at the same time so it's not really a fair representation but it is my reality, my tired old reality. Every night is different but in general she's going down at 7ish and waking at 11, 2, 4, 6. She does go straight back off (or at least lies there quietly until she does) but I hope that once this cold has cleared up she'll be able to get through the night without us getting in and out of the bed like yoyos. 

I'm still breastfeeding her, it's been tricky through a blocked nose but I tried milk in lots of different beakers and bottles and it didn't make any difference so we've been battling on with the boob. Apart from the above mentioned feeds through the night she's having breast milk at 11am2pm and, if I'm lucky, 6pm. She finds it very difficult to drink when she's tired so I feed her when she wakes from her nap.  

She still doesn't have any teeth, I'm not wishing them to come quickly (as long as they do come), it's just one more think to worry about her tripping and damaging! She's eating solids well now, although there's obviously a limit to what she can chew! She loves the sweet foods and lacks enthusiasm for vegetables. I've decided not to get my knickers in a twist about it and if she eats shepherds pie with apple purée squeezed on top, it's better than not eating it at all. 

She's starting to interact with other babies now that she can crawl and she really stands her own at playgroups especially with the older children. She's not a bully but if someone steals her toy she'll get it back. If they shout in her face, she'll shout louder. I kind of like that. 

My weight has plateaued at around my pre-pregnancy size and I'm reasonably comfortable with it. Certainly not uncomfortable enough to do anything to change it, in any case. I have started panicking slightly about the end of our breastfeeding journey though. I really believe that it's been the single thing that's helped me deflate so easily from my pregnancy bod to today. I can say that with almost  certainty because I haven't done anything else. No exercise, no calorie counting, just feeding the tiny human. And I'm a little (lot) concerned that when our arrangement comes to an end (and I'm sure it will, she doesn't love it), I'll balloon! 

Two weeks in, I can say that starting a new business 'while they nap' is ambitious to say the least. More like, work while they nap, cling to your ankles, try to break the printer...the list goes on. I started to worry that I was a bad mum, because I wasn't spending every waking moment entertaining her but then I had a little chat with myself, and remembered that my parents always were always working on one thing or another when we were younger and it taught me to be entrepreneurial, creative, and because we had to busy ourselves, never bored. I certainly don't look back on my childhood and see neglect. 

That's all from us at nine months old! 


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