Thursday, 2 November 2017

Baby & Me: Ten Months

This is our ten month update but actually it's been ten and a half months because despite the best of intentions I just haven't found the time! There's been a lot going on. I went back to work for some KIT days while at the same time getting Happy Decs off the ground. Meanwhile, the baby has been growing teeth, eating like a trooper and generally keeping me on my toes. Literally. Here's what else has been happening:
She has a tooth. One single, pearly little gnasher at the bottom of those gums. Oh how I'll miss those gums. Apart from the first few weeks getting used to the ol' thing she has learnt not to bite me when she feeds, there were a few near-tears while she was learning, from both of us. It's very hard not to yelp when someone darts a fang into your nipple. Believe me. But, we rode that wave, and she seems to have learnt that it's not the thing to do. We did resort to the odd bottle though, while she was learning that it's not ok. Human voodoo doll, I am not. 

Teething was not all that I imagined it would be. Strangely the first tooth came through without much fuss at all but was followed up with a week of so much fussing that each morning I thought she'd wake up with a mouth full of angry little fangs. Two weeks of Calpol and teething powder and she's still working on that first tooth. Let's hope we get some respite before the next one because I am exhausted! Oh, I bought her a toothbrush, much to my parents' amusement I clean her single peg before bed. When I remember.

She's very chatty, she says 'mum' 'dad' 'nan' 'grandad (dadad)' 'dog' (not exclusively towards dogs but usually towards animals) and her own name along with a lot of babble that I can make no sense of. She LOVES pointing. Especially at new people that she likes the look of, if she really likes them she points and says 'ooooh'. So that's nice. Other communication includes waving and putting her hands up by her ears to denote that she has finished her meal and would like to get out of the high chair, thank you very much. 

She's still mostly crawling, climbing up steps and onto the basket in her play pen, pushing her high chair around the kitchen is an every day favourite. She'll walk with her Brio trolley if encouraged but she doesn't have any interest in standing up unaided, least still, walking on her own. So, every pair of trousers or baby grow needs to go in the wash after being on for five minutes but I'm ok with that, they suddenly look like little girls rather than babies once they stand and I'm so not ready for that! 

She eats quite well, I have to cut things quite small because one tooth is no food processor but she manages things like toast, pasta, pear and egg on her own. I am still giving her a mixture of baby led and damage limitation (puree) foods depending on where we are and how much enthusiasm I have for a 'fun' mealtime. 

I've been back to work! There were times during my maternity leave where I thought I would find it difficult but as she's got older and is so totally absolutely doesn't-even-miss-me ok with being left with my mum, I thought I'd try a few. So I enlisted for my KIT days, I just did the mornings, to ease me in so only got paid for half a day but after the stat mat pay ran out a few months ago it felt good to be waiting for money to be dropping in rather than just out! I waited until she'd dropped the morning breastfeed at nine and a half months because there was nowhere to pump in the office and I didn't want it to affect my supply. Do you know what? It was nice. I actually enjoyed it. I hadn't forgotten everything (just some things), and my brain seemed to work differently, I felt productive, creative and I drank two whole hot teas in the space of four hours. Success. 

I had to make a decision about the back-to-work thing though and after lengthy deliberation I decided to go freelance. I feel lucky that Gurgle is (in principle) happy for me to work on a freelance basis so yes, I've waved goodbye to holiday pay and sick pay but for me the freedom to choose when I work is the perfect trade-off. This doesn't mean I'll be putting my feet up, I'll just try to work around the baby. I have my blog, writing work and Happy Decs keeping me busy during nap times and after she's gone to bed. And it ticks along quite nicely until something like the emergence of teeth comes to bite me, takes all of the naps out of a day and I have to drop everything. But, for now, I'm happy that I can work around playgroup and singing at the library because I know that not every industry has the luxury of going freelance.

As it comes up to a year since the day she came out, which for me was followed up with eight weeks of not being able to walk, sit, sleep or pick up the baby without a grimace, I have finally booked a birth reflections session at the hospital. I felt a bit silly booking it, I mean, I'm fine, she's fine, I'm not pregnant so not doing it all again imminently but I find that it's still on my mind a lot. It wasn't, I was ok about it, I wrote about why hypnobirthing was the worst thing I could have done and that was cathartic but it opened up a huge hypno-debarcle with the lady that wrote the course and those that teach it (you can read about it here) in which they suggested that it was my fault that I felt that I had failed. So I just need to go, to talk to a midwife and ask why it went the way it did. I suspect that there was nothing I could have done to change things. And that's sort of what I want to hear. I'll let you know. 

That's us at ten (and a half) months. Hope you're keeping well! 


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