Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Baby & Me: 12 Months

Things have slipped lately. Her birthday followed by the craziness that is Christmas (still recovering!), a house that's at the end of its renovation and a small business means that I'm pretty late in publishing her twelve month update. I have too many balls in the air as standard and I seem to switch between which one gets neglected a little. This has been a half written note on my phone for some time, so just imagine it's Boxing Day and you're tucking into your 12524625th Celebration, kay?

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Ten Ways To: Have a Baby Without Breaking The Bank [sponsored]

So, babies are expensive, right? The media never tires of lumping averages together to tell us that our first baby WILL cost us upwards of £11,000* in the first year. What if I told you they don't have to be such a burden on your finances? With some savvy shopping and spending you can kit your small human out with everything its tiny heart desires without breaking the bank. Here's how:
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