Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Baby & Me: 12 Months

Things have slipped lately. Her birthday followed by the craziness that is Christmas (still recovering!), a house that's at the end of its renovation and a small business means that I'm pretty late in publishing her twelve month update. I have too many balls in the air as standard and I seem to switch between which one gets neglected a little. This has been a half written note on my phone for some time, so just imagine it's Boxing Day and you're tucking into your 12524625th Celebration, kay?

Well she's still a baby, as opposed to a toddler I mean. Her first steps have been looming for months now, I've been hearing 'ooh it won't be long now' everywhere we go. I can now confirm that the point between standing and actually moving those legs independently can be a very long time! I'm not rushing her, at all, I mean, I'm encouraging, yes, but am I spending my whole day trying to get her up on those legs? Most certainly not. I am revelling in still having my baby because I realise that parenting becomes a little more tricky at the point your baby becomes a toddler.

Two teeth! Only two bottom ones for now, but at least we know they're in there after all, the top two are threatening joining the party soon, but she seems very capable of chewing so I guess she's just a late bloomer in the old peg department. They'd been out for a little while before I realised that I should probably be brushing them so I have a tiny toothbrush which she willingly has a little chew on, so I guess I have that covered?

She's had Croup.  Which turns out not to be as easily identifiable as the internet would have you believe. I finally took her to the docs with a cough that just wasn't budging, sure that I would be wasting their time but as it turned out, the doc was pleased that we'd come. It was something to maybe possibly worry about. Not that anything could be done, bar some Calpol (the answer to all of the questions) and the Vicks humidifier. Love that guy.

Her birthday happened! I decided at the very last minute to hold a little bash for her and her wee friends, I just did it indoors on a weekday (before I had my posh carpet!) and she was in surprisingly good spirits. I'm pretty sure she knew it was all for her. She hurtled around squealing so I'm taking that as knowing it was her birthday! Someone mentioned to me that at one year old the toys get bigger and they weren't wrong, we've gone from a picnic basket full to a small room-full, she is now the proud owner of a car, a kitchen and a climbing frame with slide. All indoors. It turns out I am not one of those chic people, if it makes her happy and I can fit it behind the sofa once she's in bed, I'm in.

She's sleeping/drinking well. I'm persevering with a morning and afternoon breastfeed but the evening is always a bottle now, she's just not interested in boob food before bed. She's napping on a near-enough schedule now, 1.5-2hrs in the morning and another hour in the afternoon before going down for the night at seven thirty and waking at around eight. I know I'm lucky, I'm sure it's nothing that we've done, we just got a sleeper (don't hate me)!

I got really reflective around her birthday, kept thinking 'what would I be doing now?', the answer to which was one of the following, trying EVERYTHING to get the baby out 'naturally', not getting the baby out 'naturally', puking, puking, puking, pushing, sleeping, trying to breastfeed, failing, trying again...ok, you catch my drift. I'm glad that I'd done the birth reflections course and got closure about what happened during her birth but there's no doubt it's had a huge effect on me. I don't think it's put me off having another, in fact, I'm sure it hasn't but I definitely won't sail through thinking it's all going to be butterflies and rainbows. That's normal though, right? Oh, hey and NOT FOR A WHILE, a long while. I will not be registering for the the two-under-two club.

In other news, my hair continues to fall out which is upsetting me more that I thought it would. It's also become really brittle and is being burnt by the hairdryer on its coolest setting. She's starting to refuse the afternoon breastfeed and has a bottle at night so I'll be down to one boob feed a day which I hope will help my hair to stop coming out in handfuls.

I'm finding motherhood so much easier now that she plays independently and naps on a routine (most days). It's so much easier to plan your life and get things done around the house when you know what the day is likely to entail. I'm spending the morning nap working on my business, going out to a playgroup in-between and spending the afternoon trying to get the house in order which is working well. For now. I mean, I'm not nailing either thing but I'm just about keeping my head above water in both things, and I'm pretty sure that's all I can hope for!

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