Monday, 19 February 2018

How To: Take Great Photos Of Your Toddler

I try to take some 'proper camera' photos of G at least once a month. I really feel that I get something different when I follow her around with a lens rather than my iPhone, but the older she gets, the more difficult it becomes to capture natural moments. This weekend, I dressed her in a beautiful two piece from La Coqueta (it's this one!) and vintage Clarks shoes that were once mine (thanks Mum!) and got clicking. I'm pretty happy with the edit so I thought I'd share some quick-fire tricks to photograph a toddler! 

Use a camera 
It doesn't have to be a fancy one, but using a camera rather than a phone makes toddlers take notice, you're more likely to get direct eye contact...not to mention you can let them have your phone to play with! I have an old Nikon, it's an entry level DSLR that I've had for ten years! 

Dress up
I don't need much of an excuse to dress G up but it's really worth getting an outfit ready to pop them in just before you start snapping, don't give them a chance to spill anything down it or dirty the knees! Her dress and knickers set came from La Coqueta. Made in Spain, its such beautiful quality and the fabric held its shape while she put it through its paces, and it's available from newborn to age four!

Be prepared 
Set up your scene in advance, toddlers aren't famed for their patience so you want to be able to slot them straight into place, faff first then enter baby! 
Work as a team 
If you can rope anyone in to distract the baby from the lure of your lens then do! My mum is just out of shot in these images, singing, entertaining, giving her the odd milkybar button or raisin! Which brings me to...

...Use bribes
Sorry to say that my number one tip for keeping her still is snacks! Although in normal circumstances I'd never let her eat anywhere near this outfit, she'd come to learn that when the camera comes out, she's in for a treat! Raisins are a favourite because they don't stain! 

Find the light
The best of my photography is taken outside, natural daylight is the best kind of light but if it's too cold to venture out (it was) find the brightest space in your house, near a window and turn the ceiling lights off (they cast ugly shadows on the face). If you do have to use flash, bounce it off of the ceiling or wall, it will create a softer light.

Keep on clicking
The more you take the more chance you have of snapping a good one! I took two hundred shots and ended up with twenty that I loved. 
Make it fun 
Lots of toys, teddies and props that they can play with and let them move around the space. If there's anything you don't want in the shot take it out of the room so that they're free to roam! 

I hope you find some of the tips helpful, I'd love to see your images, show me on Instagram!

Disclosure: La Coqueta kindly gifted us the dress and knickers set. G is fourteen months old and in the 9th percentile but I ordered aged 18 months and it fits well with growing room. The Bergia baby smock set costs £68. Buy or browse here ( out for their sales, some beautiful pieces at such great prices). 

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