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Q&A: Pro Family Photographer Terri Pashley

Yes, a newborn family shoot captures that beautiful, intoxicating newness, and I treasure them, I really do, but nothing beats the characterful joy of capturing a one-year-old's first steps out in the wild. These images bring me unrivalled joy. Thrilled with the family shots she's taken for us in the past, I asked Terri of Terri Pashley photography to capture me and my girl as we hit the one year mark. She was in-fact thirteen-and-a-half months and just making those first wobbly independent strides when we got together to shoot in a woody nook near to my house. I'm so excited to share my favourites with you.

I had the idea of twinning in dungarees, because it was something we both owned already. Terri was kind enough to lend her own matching hats. I'm lucky enough to live near to a woody open space so we left my home and were quick in a relatively secluded spot. Handy when you're goofing around trying to capture cute shots in matching outfits. The last thing you want to do is draw a crowd. Incase you're thinking now THAT must cost a fortune, personal photography is surprisingly affordable, Terri's offering 45 minute shoots for just £199 right now, a tiny price to capture such beautiful memories.

I must admit, the prospect of trying to get a thirteen month old to cooperate with anything is more than a little daunting but because she's a mum herself (to the cutest nine month old), Terri just gets it! We timed it so that G was at her peak between meals and naps. It was chilled, fun and I am in love with the 70 beautiful pictures that she took. I thought it would be a good idea to do a little Q&A with Terri on how to get the most out of a session with her...

Hi Terri! Thanks so much for chatting with me, so first up, how can people prepare to get the most out of a shoot with you? 

Ask questions! You have probably never done this before, especially with a small child so ask questions, I’ve done this many times and no question is a silly one. Apart from that, bring everything the children (and you) need to feel comfortable, extra clothes, toys and even though children are unpredictable I will work with you to time it as much as best we can to make sure we are get the most out of the little ones. 

What should we wear? 

Things that make you feel amazing. So whether that’s a cool pair of dungers like our shoot or a show stopping dress just feel the best version of you that you can. I love my clients dressing up for shoot,if they arrive feeling amazing, not only does it make for fab shots but you will be so happy you did and you will treasure them for years to come. 

What about hair and make up?  

I will never tell my clients what they should do with their hair and makeup but just make yourself feel confident. Put on your fav lippie and have a blow-dry (why not!) You are never over dressed in front of my camera! 

Do I need to find a good location near my home? Any tips? 

A beautiful location can make or break a shoot. Personally I love a rural landscape like the Yorkshire Moors. I’m happy to suggest places or if you have a special place in mind that means something to you that’s fab too! Just make sure it’s not private land as we don’t a farmer chasing us off his land! But also I love any fun ideas for shoots so throw them my way, fancy dress? Go head! Or even a pj party shoot at home. I’m up for any idea! 

Does it matter what time of day I book you for?

If I could choose a perfect time of day then dawn or sunset are beautiful. However as I said before it's so important we try and make the little ones as comfortable as possible and depending on the time of year these might not be ideal. We can pretty much make any time of day work so please don’t worry. Also, don’t worry about the weather either! Kids love jumping in puddles and it makes for great shots, just relax and enjoy making memories with your family. 

Next time, i'd love to get my Mum and Nan involved too, four generations of us! Would that be possible in a mini shoot and how many people would you recommend as a maximum? 

OMG YES, YES YES! I would love a generations shoot! Mini shoots are just for the little ones as they are only 45 mins to ensure they don’t loose interest however I offer family shoots too and they have no age or size limits, the ‘child’ could be 50! Capturing grandparents and great grandparents is SO important. You will both treasure the pictures forever. In terms of how many per shoot, in a mini session I can photograph one child and their parents, that’s if you want to be in the shots! My family shoots are between 1-2 hours and do not have a size limit! The more the merrier! 

What I love about you is that you give all of the images, so there's no faff, a link just arrives in my inbox with everything! Do you have any suggestions on what to do with all of these gorgeous shots? 

Yes I never limit the amount of pictures you get, I love the fact that I can give my clients everything, it helps me tell their story better. These are your pictures so when you book me you can feel confident there are no extra costs to use them for your personal use at all. Print them for your walls, use them on Facebook/Instagram/thank you cards/Christmas cards/a cushion for your nan or a photo book for your baby. There are so many fab picture ideas out there now but I have to say my favourite thing to do is to print a large beautiful print for the wall. You will also get them within 1 week of your shoot. My super speedy turnaround is something I pride myself on! 

Thanks so much again for such beautiful images and thanks for talking to me!

I hope you liked them. Now, if you've scrolled this far, I'm thinking, you're thinking I NEEEED Terri to capture me and my beau. You can make that happen. Terri is offering gift vouchers, available here for Mother's Day, at £199 for a 45 minute session, redeemable until the end of the year. She's based in Yorkshire but regularly travels with her trusty camera so it's worth getting in touch to find out her availability.

Visit Terri's website here to find out more.


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