Thursday, 8 February 2018

Review: Stair-gates And Beyond. Toddler Proofing The Home With Fred Safety

 To be honest, the stair gate has been a long time coming. Trying to resist a house of bars meant that I spent a lot of my time kneeling at an ascending baby's rear end chiming 'careful', 'no', 'we don't climb the stairs'. It started surprisingly early, climbing came alongside crawling so, four months after the first of many climbs, exasperated and feeling that it wouldn't be long before my fears became a reality, I stumbled upon Fred safety's clear view stair gate on Instagram. What's more, they were asking for volunteers to try them out. I willingly obliged. 

We opted for the pressure fit gate, with a newly renovated home, I earn brownie points every time I don't request a hole is made in the wall. It arrived needing little assembly, Tom threw it together in half an hour, the instructions are really clear, there are even step by step fitting videos on the website. We went old school. I say 'we', I provided purely moral support, but I could totally have done it myself. I just like him to stay busy. There are additional gate extensions that come with the gate for wider openings and unfortunately our stairs seemed to sit somewhere between the two so we opted for going ahead without.  There are two options for fitting, screw mount or adhesive, we opted for adhesive, for reasons listed above. Sticky pads hold the fixtures in place you twist for pressure adjustment. It feels incredibly secure. 

It's easy to use, opening and closing one handed, displaying  which is important as there's usually a baby, a pile of washing or a hoover occupying the other.  A green or red slide indicates its position but I feel it click into place without looking. It's been well tested by G, now thirteen months, and she actually lost interest once she carried out a full investigation and found that is really is baby proof. I'm thrilled that I don't need to be quite so hot on her tail. Obviously I'm overjoyed that it's made our stairs safe, that's what's most important, but I am almost equally thrilled at how stylish it is. It fits seamlessly with our interior style and the clear view means that the hallway still looks open and bright. It's a hit. 

Fred also sent a baby proof starter kit, seven safety products to protect against common risks. Almost all have adhesive backs to apply, which means that I'm slightly wary of putting them on to my newly painted kitchen units but I've made a start at toddler proofing and am really impressed with the quality of all of the products inside.

First up, the door slam stopper, does what it says on the tin and looks stylish and discreet. 

Corner protectors. G's not quite at table height yet, but I popped them on anyway for her taller friends! 

Choke tester. It's surprising how large choke risk items are and I'll definitely be using this to double check new toys before I let her play with them. 

Plug socket covers, which have a handy pull to make it easy for adults to remove. 

There are also drawer catches and a multi purpose block which will be winging its way onto the bathroom cabinet pronto!

Fred is stocked at Cheeky Rascals in the UK and the clear-view stair-gate starts from £120. Find out more here. 

We were sent the Fred clear-view pressure fit gate for review, as always, all views are my own. 


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