Friday, 9 March 2018

Baby & Me: 14 Months

I have a toddler. A toddler with a big voice and not so many words. She says 'duck', 'car', 'woof woof', 'sock' y'know, all the useful words. Mostly she talks in a language that she understands but she loves to get involved in the conversation. She started walking unaided just as she turned thirteen months and she's still getting the hang of it six weeks later, which means we've had a few extra tears and bumps to the head (and teeth. Worst day ever). A sign of things to come, I guess! 
I took her back to the doctors last month after noticing she was using her left leg differently to her right. It was magnified the week that she had her injections, she wouldn't bend it or relax her hip when I changed her nappy. Because of the 'slight hip dysplasia' that she got the all clear from at three months old I started to get worried. The doctor wasn't without her concerns so she has referred us to a specialist. I'm really hoping that I'm just being paranoid. 

She's still sleeping well, apart from a short blip when I took the Sleepyhead away and we found out that it was making alllll the difference after all! We've just booked a week away though and there's no way I'm dragging it all the way to Austria with us so she might just have to go cold turkey! I'm always a bit nervous talking about her sleep, it's such a contentious subject, especially if you're having a hard time, I don't think I have too many magical answers. She's just a good sleeper and we are really, REALLY lucky! 

Ok, you wanna know about the tooth? What a day. It was snowing, y'know when it snowed and snowed and the news was all about the snow and everyone's insta feed was all about the snow. Well. I thought I'd take her out in it. I was all excited for her to feel that crunchy white stuff under her feet. So I got all her bits together and wrestled her into her snowsuit, so there she was, standing by the sofa, holding her Brio walker, looking like the cutest little Michelin man I ever did see and all of a sudden, just as I went to put her boots on, she swung around and her tooth made contact with the metal handle of the walker. I must have heard it because knew immediately, I looked in her mouth and I burst into tears, I called the dentist who couldn't understand a word I was saying through my sobs. She was fine though, cried as much as any bump to the bonce and moved on. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't bother me but there's nothing that can be done and she'll get another shot at a new tooth in FIVE LONG YEARS so I'm telling myself it's all good character (I don't believe myself yet). Now that I've had a few days And heard some horrible stories of accidents along the way, I do realise that it's only a tooth, that she isn't in pain and it could have been a whole lot worse. It has made me more anxious and jumpy though. 

She's learning words quickly now but the really useful ones are still too hard to say. Her absolute favourite is "oh dear" and it is mind blowingly cute, she knows it too so she's started dropping things just to entertain her audience. It takes every scrap of my might not to laugh. 

I'm good thanks. Bit tired as you're asking but it's all my own fault, I've been sucked back in by the late night insta scroll. I was doing so well. In other news, I booked a holiday after a few solid weeks on the phone to various holiday companies. MY GOODNESS, it was far more difficult that you would ever think! I realised how unnecessarily complicated everything becomes when you want to take a baby about life with you. 

I have been a little bit over emosh, from the floods of tears over #toothgate to running out of a baby singing group and forgetting G's shoes because the teacher made a minor criticism to my parenting choices. I think it's probably all the worry about her hip. And the tiredness. 

I have come to terms with the fact that it's impossible to keep all of the balls in the air. This month, apart from being home with G most of the time, I've done a day in the Gurgle office, and I've stayed on top of Happy Decs but the house is a bit of a mess and I'm drowning in ironing. Next month things will be different and as long as I keep rotating the priority, I think we'll be ok. 


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