Thursday, 17 May 2018

AD | Putting Clever Munchkin Products To The Toddler Test

My introduction to the brand Munchkin came a few months ago when my cousin popped round with her little boy, he was drinking from a frankly ingenious cup, the weighted straw meant that he could drink from it from any angle. I am not an impulsive person but I immediately went out to buy one (they were actually out of stock and my mum found one a few days later, but you get the gist). It's been a firm favourite, my sixteen month old has used it every day since, so I was frankly thrilled when an email dropped into my inbox asking if I'd like to collaborate with the brand. They sent over an enormous box of goodies and my number one employee put them all to the test. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Toddler & Me: 16 Months

These updates feel less necessary. I suppose I was using them as a kind of therapy. Yes, it was great to chart her progress and I think I'll be really glad that I took the time to write the highs and lows of the first year of motherhood but it was also really cathartic. Once we passed the eleven month mark, it's just slipped my mind. It's a good thing, I haven't needed to decompress, I'm just, well, getting on with it. I'm loving it. I've updated her status from to toddler because she's not a baby anymore. I'm not sad about it. I don't want to rewind, but I would like to press pause just about now.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Toddler Eats: Super Easy No-Measuring Banana Porridge Pancakes

G has never been a big eater, she rarely 'wolfs' anything down so mealtimes are often a battle. Tired of having her baby porridge splattered around the room, I looked at that red box and wondered if there was another way. It turned out there was. I'd heard about banana and oat pancakes but was a little worried after a 'baby friendly flapjack' incident at a birthday party during our early weaning adventures, so I wondered what would happen if I used Ready Brek instead. What happened, my friends was a taste sensation. I can't harp on about these moist (sorry) banana beauties any more, they're delicious and I often end up eating a whole one while checking that they're cool enough for her. She loves them and will happily feed herself at least two, I can't tell you how much this pleases me, because unknowingly she's wolfing (yes!) down a whole banana, a bowl's-worth of porridge and an egg. I had been making it up as I went along (and you totally can do that) but I've noted down rough volumes to give you a hand...
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